Single electron spectroscopy and ultrafast time resolution by AFM

P. Grutter
McGill University,

Keywords: fs time resolution, measuring non-linear optics spatially resolved, single electron spectroscopy


It is well-established that Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) can determine the atomic structure of surfaces and molecules. I will give an overview of some of our current research aimed at mechanically detecting single electrons, allowing us to perform electron energy spectroscopy of a single molecule on a metallic electrode interface. I will briefly touch on our current project to adapt this method to detecting individual ionized dopant atoms and their quantum mechanical coupling. As a second topic I will discuss our recent achievement in measuring opto-electronic properties with ultrafast temporal resolution by combining fs lasers with UHV AFM. This opens the door to understanding charge dynamics at the relevant fundamental time and length scale on surfaces or in molecules, and in particular the role of defects.