Data-Driven Manufacturing of Hierarchical Functional Materials for Energy and Sensing Applications

H.T.H. Shi
Western University,

Keywords: flexible devices, sensors, supercapacitors, wearable devices


Recent advances in flexible and low-power electronics have contributed to the fast-paced growth in the smart electronics and biomedical industries. However, traditional bulky and rigid electrodes are still used to provide the required energy, sensing, and stimulation capabilities, which severely hinders user comfort. To satisfy the flexibility requirements, robust yet lightweight electrodes with enhanced flexibility are needed. Bioinspired materials offer superior functional performance, thanks to the hierarchical organization at multiple lengths scales, from the nanoscale to the macroscale. Hierarchical design integrated with active surface modification allows the optimization of the interfacial performance, which can effectively lead to functional enhancements for electrodes used in charge storage and delivery. Different techniques for fabricating hierarchically structured functional electrodes that incorporate various micro- and nano-structured surface features will be explored in this talk. The design, manufacturing, and optimization of future functional hierarchical structures will rely on a data-driven approach. By integrating 3D functional hierarchical materials printing and machine learning algorithms, we are aiming to create future advanced manufacturing technologies that self-learns and self-improves to create optimized high-performance devices.