High Efficiency, Green, Clean Domestic Separation and Purification

A. Malofsky, S. Potluri
Rare Earth Technologies,
United States

Keywords: rare earth, purification, separation, clean, green domestic


Rare Earth Technologies had reduced to practice and is now scaling a rare earth metals, single pass, full separation and purification to five nines proprietary process. We will present the basic methodology and metrics as well as the path to scaling, our current development partners and partnering opportunities. This highly unique, clean and green process uses all environmentally benign materials enabling the global democratization of rare earth purification that can be co-located with mines through to, given its high efficiency, the enabled cost effective recycling of rare earth from all kinds of feed streams. Built upon a foundation of known equipment coupled with the above benign but proprietary chemistry, the ability to scale derives then from the supply chain alone. Now that’s an exciting opportunity.