Novel Low Energy, High Speed Ambient Catalysis of Polymerization through Solid Objects

A. Malofsky, Srinagesh Potluri
Nano Catalytics, Inc.,
United States

Keywords: nanoparticles, mucroparticles, polymerization, chemistry, catalysis, catalysts, adhesives, composites, coatings, green, clean, sustainable, fast, high speed, composites, molding


We have developed a highly unique platform technology for initiating chemistry through deep opacity, cutting manufacturing costs deeply while dramatically increasing throughout and enabling new materials or material combinations. Our initial focus is polymerization on demand, at UV speeds through darkness, such as through pigmented films for bonding, curing composites, adhesives, coatings and so on. We also by default convert most two-component systems into singles. Our activation equipment and systems can reach through up to 20 feet of materials - something never before seen. The equipment itself is already globally commercially available. The technology involves activating particles that enable catalyst or other ingredient activation at very low, ambient temperatures with the above equipment at very low energies. We work with almost any existing known chemistries and polymerization types. The first focused applications? Thinner stuff. Foam, film and non-woven bonding for our founding customer investors where speeds go up, solvents are eliminated and heat sensitive materials are enabled. A 75% plus equipment footprint reduction and 90+% energy reduction is achieved accordingly. Longer term? Composites and molded part manufacture and bonding. The focus is converting to or dramatically improving 100% solids , zero VOC reactive systems. In molding and composites we enable thermally sensitive materials incorporation. In fabrics and non-wovens, hot pressing is eliminated. High speed, low energy field repairs and construction are enabled. On the fly construction too. It’s a revolutionary, now proven, high speed polymerization technology enabling new materials at scale, without heat or light, without mixing, radically reduced energy and eliminated solvent use for a cleaner, greener planet at far lower costs at high speed for dramatically improved manufacturing in a far smaller facility footprint. Indeed, our founding investors are our actual customers.