Today's Quantum Network Challenges

C. McClelland
United States

Keywords: quantum networks, quantum enabled internet, quantum entanglement, quantum secured networks


As the Internet has already done, quantum technologies will change the world in ways inconceivable today. Quantum computing will solve intractable problems super computers would take lifetimes to solve. Quantum computers are still years away from practical application. What happens when quantum computers break today’s cryptographic codes or are used for nefarious means? Who will be the quantum workforce of the future? What can be done today to get quantum ready? What security needs are there with quantum networks? These questions and many more will have major impact on our lives today and tomorrow. Connecting quantum computers and development of the quantum enabled internet will require quantum networks to transfer quantum states across the network. Creating, implementing and finding use cases for quantum networks is a challenge. Answering these questions about quantum networking is the focus of this presentation.