Wireless and Battery-Less Universal Power Consumption Monitoring Sensor

W. Yu
Archimedes Controls Corp.,
United States

Keywords: wireless, power consumption, sensor, battery-less, remote, current, AC power, power, remote


Archimedes Controls' A10 is a real time, wireless and battery-Less universal power consumption monitoring sensor which is powered by energy harvesting and wireless technology. The A10 Sensor monitors AC current from 2.5A - 60A and 2.5 - 200A as well as wire temperature in real time and transmits measurement data to a wireless gateway A150 up to 300 feet away. Since this wireless device is powered by energy harvesting technology, there is no battery ever needed. It makes it a perfect solution for remote and hard to reach power lines where current and wire temperature monitoring is necessary. Value Proposition: 1. True plug and play, clamp on any AC power line. 100% wireless. 2. AC current and wire temperature measurements every 15 sec and sends measurement data to cloud software wirelessly. 3. Cloud-based management tool for remote data access, recording, warning notification. 4. Maintenance free and no operational cost.