Stem Cell Precision Medicine Human Brain Disease Models

R. Anand
Neurxstem Inc,
United States

Keywords: predictive medicine, precision medicine, stem cells


An avant-garde company making a novel, first in class, Neural Organoid Platform™ that mimics the human central nervous system. To study human brain disease mechanisms To create early diagnostic test To facilitate drug discovery, efficacy and safety testing Neurxstem innovations include: • Single ‘multipurpose’ Human pre-clinical Model - Scalable, Replicable, Reproducible, & Robust, well suited for medical diagnostic & drug discovery and testing (TSE) applications • Most advanced proprietary & patented human brain model synthetically engineered in a dish • Permits precise ‘Omic’ analysis of diseases - Transcriptomic, Proteomic, Metabolomic • Contains all major brain regions - Retina, Cortex, Midbrain, Brain Stem, Cerebellum, Spinal Cord and Blood Brain Barrier • Expresses ~ 15,000 biomarkers that show >98% match to those of the adult human brain • Expresses all major cell types - neurons, astrocytes, oligodendrocytes, and microglia Our innovation's prowess is best illustrated by the results of our Alzheimer Disease NNOP study (as released in our 2016 and 2019 US Patent), which successfully identified key biomarkers for Alzheimer's and Mixed Etiology Disease in very good agreement with the significant work recently released by the GWAS consortium— published in Nature in 2022 (Bellenguez et al.,2022). We showed that AD is a continuum of ALS, FTD and Parkinson’s disease. The new AD GWAS study confirmed our conclusions and biomarkers patented in 2016 – 2019 were corroborated by AD patients data (Annese et al; 2018).