Process planning and development of a multi-axis, multi-material, multi-tool Electronic Packaging (3M3D) technique using Additive Manufacturing

S. Karam, S. Bilén, G. Manogharan
Penn State University,
United States

Keywords: advanced manufacturing, electronics, 3D printing, multi-axis, multi-material, process planning, electronic packaging


Additive Manufacturing (AM) has proved to be very versatile and offers unique advantages and properties when it comes to rapidly fabricating high-complex and customized models. The advancement of AM properties in addition to its layer-by-layer feature allowed its application in the electronic field. Electronic 3D printing started with a single material electronic component design, such as but not limited to: circuits, strain gauges, etc. Current applications evolved to the use of multi-layer, multi-material fabrication which are suitable for fields such as biomedical, robotics, aerospace, nano-materials, etc. Although the progress has been immense in the last decade, there is still a lot of potential to leverage using more advanced manufacturing techniques. Thus, this study would introduce the development and demonstration of a new multi-axis, multi-material, multi-tool 3D Electronics printing technique (3M3D). The goal is to expand the horizon of electronic packaging using 3D printing (3DPE) with concurrent design and process planning. The study would include a case study to demonstrate the above-mentioned 3M3D for a functional advanced electronic packaging.