Additive Manufacturing of NdFeB Bonded Permanent Magnets: Prospects and Challenges

M. Parans Paranthaman
Oak Ridge National Laboratory,
United States

Keywords: additive manufacturing, bonded magnets, magnetic properties, mechanical properties


Additive manufacturing (AM) or 3D printing is well known for producing parts without any tooling required, offering a promising alternative to the conventional methods to fabricate near-net-shaped functional magnets. We will report our successful fabrication of critical rare earth free or reduced rare earth nylon/polyphenylene sulfide composite magnets. We will also compare both binders with material extrusion followed by compression molding, to determine their applicability in the fabrication of Nd-Fe-B/Sm-Fe-N bonded magnets. Prospects and challenges of these state-of-the-art technologies for large-scale industrial applications will be discussed. This work was supported by the Critical Materials Institute, an Energy Innovation Hub funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Technologies Office