Developments of Solid Components for Manufacturing Nanostructure Metal-Organic Superconductive Memcapacitive Josephson Junctions Energy Storage Systems at Room-Temperature

E.T. Chen, J.T. Thornton, S-H. Duh
Advanced Biomimetic Sensors, Inc.,
United States

Keywords: solid state components, dielectric insulator coating, innovative manufacturing, d wave mixed-spin triplet bounding, superconductive/MEM-element device, toroidal array Josephson junctions


Reducing fuel transportation risk in helping our military is in urgent needs, we report an innovative all-solid component energy storage system to pave the road for saving time and eliminate fuel consumption of manufacturing energy storage devices, which in turn may save lives, that was based on a study of the effect of coating collagen at different concentrations on dielectric insulators, and developing two-layer nanostructure metal-organic superconductive polymers on glassy carbon (GC) as an anode, and an organic conductive polymer on GC, as cathode, to enhance the energy density, stability under electrolyte-free, reagent-free, solvent-free conditions, and compared with sensor 2, the anode is same, but the cathode has a two-layer organic conductive organic polymer membranes. Results show 150 ng/mL to 50 microg/mL collagen is suitable for higher superconducting current at higher scan frequency. Results demonstrate 12 hours continue discharge energy at 50 mA at 5.4 nominal voltage without drafting under a dry condition on the 1 cm2 device. The solid component manufacturing approaches have overcome the conventional energy storage device drawbacks of the drafting of nominal voltage decrease as frequency increases, and our results show there is no voltage decrease between 0.25 Hz to 1000 Hz for the devices. Our accomplishments are inspired by our prior works: Techconnect Briefs 126-129, 2021. TechConnect Briefs in Diagnostics p423-426, 2019; TechConnect Briefs in Nanoelectronics, Quantum Material, and Devices, p260-263, 2019. Partially listed patents: Nanobiomimetic Supercapacitors with High Rate High Energy Storage, US 9,443,665, 2015. Nanostructured organic memristor/memcapacitor making with an embedded low-to-high frequency switch and a method of inducing an electromagnetic field, US 9/793,503, 2017. Scale-up Toroidal Array quantum Processing memory device with controllable and adjustable state-switch valves of making and applications thereto, US patent 11531,924, 2022. Josephson Toroidal vortex quantum superconductive/memcapacitive and Superconductive/memristive devices of making and the applications at room-temperature thereto, US 11/079,354, 2021. The new accomplishments are 1) the First time the energy storage device conducts charge or discharge with no need for fuel, organic solvent, or electrolyte, but with high power and energy density and stability; 2) Innovatively designing a delocalized direct electron- transfer (DET) multi-layer nanostructured biomimetic superconductive membrane; 3) Direct coating onto the insulator with desirable collagen concentration induced superconducting oscillation at high frequency, has shown it directly linked to stable energy storage and discharge over a wide range frequency for AC and DC mode applications. 4). Pave a road for innovative manufacturing.