Investigating the Synergistic Action of Tio2-Sds Nanoparticles Using Venturi-Shaped Micromixer

H. Hoorfar, K.Y. Motlagh, Z.S. Motamedi, S. Fardindoost
University of Victoria,

Keywords: exosome isolation, metal oxide, titanium oxide, micromixer, SDS micelles


This study is one of the first to investigate synergistic actions between Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate (SDS) micelles and the surface of TiO2 microparticles using a micromixer. SDS and TiO2 aqueous solution was mixed through the venturi-shaped micromixer at different flow rates and concentration ratios. The synergistic effect of the hydrophilic head group of the amphiphilic SDSs micelles with the hydrophilic surface of TiO2 particles resembles the affinity of the TiO2 for the hydrophilic phosphate group on the amphiphilic lipid bilayer of exosomes. This can be used as a proof of concept for utilizing a microfluidic micromixer to enhance the exosome isolation efficiency using TiO2 microparticles.