Design of Biomimetic ECM-like Matrices for Guided Tissue Formation

H. Wang
Stevens Institute of Technology,
United States

Keywords: biomimetic materials, extracellular matrix-like, tissue engineering, nano materials


Numerous progresses have been made in attempt to create tissues or organs following the tissue engineering approach. However, it still remains a great challenge to fabricate the tissue with identical complexity and structural functions as its native counterpart. Cumulative evidence has shown that cell-growing microenvironment plays a pivotal role in regulating the cellular responses and consequently tissue formation. In this regard, creation of cell-friendly microenvironment by mimicking the native tissue matrix can better guide the cellular behaviors and therefore results in desired tissue formation. We have explored a variety of fabrication approaches including 3D printing to design and develop three-dimensional cell growing environment for guided regeneration of tissues with heterogeneous cells and composition.