Unlocking the Potential of High-Performance, Multi-Material Printing with NovoJet

R. Borrell
Quantica Gmbh,
United States

Keywords: 3D printing, inkjet


3D printing has come a long way in recent years, but there are still limitations to the materials that can be used and the quality of the final product. NovoJet is a new multi-material 3D printing technology that is set to change that. Developed by Quantica, NovoJet allows users to jet materials with higher viscosity ranges, up to 380mPa•s at jetting temperature, which equates to approximately 4000mPa•s at ambient temperature. This means that users can print more and better quality. With the combination of printheads, users are also able to print multi-material, which is a huge value. In this talk, Ramon Borrell, CTO of Quantica, will introduce NovoJet and explain how it works, what materials it can handle and how it can improve the quality of your 3D prints. He will also share some examples of how NovoJet has been used in various industries and how it can be applied in the future. Furthermore, Ramon will unveil a new 3D printer that Quantica will release at the end of the year that is an open system designed for multi-material application research and development, perfect for researchers, engineers, and technicians looking to start designing, developing, and manufacturing in a new way. With his 28 years of inkjet and industrial printing system experience, 20 of them in senior technical leadership and executive positions, Ramon will provide insights into the development and future of NovoJet. He will also share his expertise on how NovoJet has the potential to change the 3D printing industry as we know it. This talk is for anyone interested in 3D printing technology, material science, and innovation.