Opportunities and Challenges of Membrane Separation in Chemical Industry

Y. Liu, J. Liu, A. Singh
Dow Inc.,
United States

Keywords: Membrane, Separation Process


The advancement of novel membrane materials has significantly broadened the application of membranes for industrial separations, including both established technologies (e.g., reverse osmosis, micro- and ultra-filtration and electrodialysis) and developing technologies (e.g., pervaporation/vapor permeation, gas separation and organic solvent nanofiltration). Membrane processes have become one of the most effective and sustainable technologies in the field of process separations. In this presentation we will discuss a few emerging applications of membrane processes in chemical industry and the challenges these processes are facing. Membranes for paraffin/olefin separation will be discussed in more details from industrial perspectives. The discussion would provide some industrial references that could be useful to bridge the industrial and academic researches on the developments of membrane material and processes.