Rethinking Materials: From Molecular Recycling to Food Service

A. Detwiler
United States

Keywords: molecular recycling, paper, polyester, sustainability, cellulosic, coating, food service, cup, compost


The world is facing a waste crisis. With the global population expected to reach 10 billion people this century, the chemical industry needs to lead a change in how waste is managed. This is our opportunity to advocate for circular solutions that can reduce the amount of material that is landfilled, incinerated or dumped while also reducing our dependence on fossil feedstocks. In response to this waste challenge, Eastman has rethought our approach to new product development. We are investing heavily in molecular recycling that will enable premium-quality products with certified recycled content to meet brand owner needs. This talk will outline our molecular recycling approach, which enables a portfolio of products with certified recycled content. It will highlight how we think about designing products for specific end-of-life scenarios that align with existing and emerging infrastructure, with a specific example from the food service industry.