Bohumil Kasal

Institute Director

Fraunhofer WKI

Bo Kasal is the director of the Fraunhofer WKI, Wilhelm Klauditz Institute of Wood Research in Braunschweig Germany – a leading research institution in areas of renewable resources - and a Professor of Organic and Wood-based Construction Materials at TU Braunschweig.  Prior to his appointment, he held the Bernard and Henrietta Hankin Chair of Residential Building Construction at the Pennsylvania State University where he was also appointed a Professor of Architectural Engineering and a Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and directed the Pennsylvania Housing Research Center.  Kasal conducted research on low-rise buildings subjected to natural hazard loads and directed international research on timber structures under seismic loading and composite wood structures. His work in historic timber evaluation was presented by the US National Science Foundation in its budget request to the Congress of the United States as one the examples of a successful international research.  Kasal has held honorary appointments at the University of Bristol, UK and University of New Brunswick, Canada, adjunct Professorship at the North Carolina State University, USA and he is a Professor at the Czech Technical University in Prague and Professor at the University of Primorska, Slovenia. He is a Fellow of the IAWS, elected member of the ASCE, licensed engineer and a Fulbright Scholar.