David Medina Cruz


SynCell Biotechnology

David Medina graduated from Northeastern University with a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, where he specialized in developing biologically synthesized nanomaterials to combat antimicrobial resistance to antibiotics (AMR) and chemotherapy-resistant tumors. He has extensive knowledge in chemistry, nanotechnology, microbiology, cell biology, and oligonucleotide non-viral delivery for therapeutic applications.Over the past few years, David has been involved in developing novel non-viral platforms for the delivery of human artificial chromosomes (HAC) for gene editing tools. He has also been instrumental in optimizing tRNA therapeutics for the treatment of rare diseases.David has proven to be a skilled entrepreneur and leader. He founded The Green Chemistry Lab, an independent research division within his former University lab, which has become an incubator for various startups. Under his guidance, SynCell Biotechnology was founded, which focuses on using selenium nanoparticles produced by pathogenic bacteria as antimicrobials. Nanolyx Inc is a materials science startup working with antimicrobial nanocoatings, and Novaurum Biosciences is a Medtech startup working on human-cell derived nanocoatings for antimicrobial applications on implants. David has also mentored numerous startups over the years for various programs, including MIT Solve, Nucleate, and NEU, helping founders navigate the challenges of early-stage companies in the biotech/Medtech world.David's skills extend beyond research and entrepreneurship. He is an experienced board member, CFO, and treasurer of a national scientific nonprofit (ECUSA).