Amir Asadi

Assistant Professor

Texas A&M University

Dr. Amir Asadi is currently Corrie and Jim Furber '64 Fellow assistant professor at Texas A&M University. His research is on novel processing-manufacturing sciences and computational modeling to manufacture hierarchical composites and multimaterial systems with tailorable morphology/microstructure and new levels of functionality and performance that considered paradoxical in today’s engineering. Specifically, his research focuses on (1) Advanced processes and materials for sustainable and scalable manufacturing of multifunctional structural composites, (2) High-throughput manufacturing of nanostructured materials, and (3) Manufacturing of structural battery composites. Dr. Asadi has published more than 35 journal papers and book chapters, received more than $2M awards from federal agencies, served as invited and keynote speakers in multiple conferences, and his research has been covered multiple times by news outlets.