Jason Tresback

Staff Scientist

Harvard University

Jason Tresback received a B.S in Chemistry with a minor in Physics from University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 2002 with research experience in organic synthesis and electrochemical synthesis of nano building-blocks.  He completed a M.S in Metallurgy and Materials Science and Engineering (MMAT) from University of Connecticut, Storrs in 2005 where he continued research on electrochemical template synthesis and characterization of metal-oxide-metal (MOM) heterojunction nanowires.  He then received another M.S in Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) at The Ohio State University in 2008 where he continued research on single nanowire device fabrication for gas sensing applications.  Jason then joined a start-up company where he performed complete fabrication and characterization of ZnO-based LEDs.  He currently works at the Center for Nanoscale Systems at Harvard University as a Senior Metrology Engineer overseeing an array of characterization instruments including over 10 years of training and support of various SPM systems.  His current interests are focused on nanoelectrical characterization using conventional and custom AFM techniques.