Advancements in quantum material science and engineering technology to reprogram molecules.

D. Hogan
Spin Q Biophysics, Inc.,
United States

Keywords: quantum, material science, engineering, manufacturing, advanced, deep tech


Even simple systems whose parts are governed by well-understood physical laws behave unpredictably. If vagueness is indeed a fundamental property of this world, then what is its role in this unpredictable behavior? While there is vast research and technology advances occurring within quantum sciences, with the main advancements occurring within quantum computing and its use to instantaneously solve nonlinear and complex problems, quantum science holds far more applicability to advanced technology than just quantum computing. Advanced quantum material technology will physically apply to enormous and novel developments within areas such as complex materials, therapeutic drugs, quantum manufacturing, human performance and quantum intelligence, energy, semiconductors and superconductors, and air and space technology. Yet, until quantum science is rebuilt into first principles, until its nonlinear chaos and unpredictable behavior can be understood and further appropriately and reproducibly harnessed, the ability leverage quantum science for predictable and expansive advanced quantum technology and engineering simply dangles in the wind. Interestingly, it should come as no surprise that quantum science and its vagueness sidekick is elementary to all science and therefore applicable to all technology and materials because quantum science is intrinsic to the infinite core of everything. Quantum entanglements, discords, and superposition, the cornerstones of quantum sciences, holds complexity, nonlinearity, chaos, nondeterministic, vagueness, etc. all rolled up into a dynamically complex and classically unpredictable ball, because it (itself) is all these things. Quantum (the chaos of the subatomic and particles) is the reason all these things exist. And uniquely, all these complexities intrinsically exist in all systems – from simple to complex - all matter is made from quanta rippled up into entangled particles at their core which build like a snowball into all scales of condensed matter systems, meaning all atoms, material, and all molecules. Vagueness is indeed a fundamental property of this world. Quantum Engineering Dynamics (QED) is a new first principle quantum material science theory developed by SpinQ Biophysics, Inc. that greatly advances quantum material science; it is more specifically a quantum information, quantum computation, and Hamiltonian simulation framework intended to harness vagueness to program or reprogram material. The intent of the framework is to model and simulate a complex quantum system, the evolution of its quantum states, and the translation symmetry of its energy bands against multiple energy operators. More generally using quantum information science to extract information from the properties of a system and then leveraging quantum computation to then manipulate a system. More generally, QED provides the concept of a new quantum-API, a quantum engineering framework, backbone, or equation system that provides a unified set of rules and capabilities that define how quantum systems entangle, operate, communicate/signal, modify each other, and can be reversibly, irreversibly, functionally, structurally, and dynamically modified (programmed or reprogrammed.) The quantum-API further enables the design and development of programmed particle applications to access and modify the dynamics, structure, function, or age of molecule. Our first commercial goal is novel drugs and quantum manufacturing within healthcare and the public health sector.