JUNE 19-21, 2023

Capabilities Submissions

The Capabilities Networking Session is an opportunity for companies to convey their corporate capabilities in a live 2-minute pitch to an audience of their peers and Government with the purpose of awareness and networking. The slides will also be made available to consortium member entities and the Government.

You will need to upload a PPTX file to complete your submission. Please start by downloading this Microsoft PowerPoint document as a template for preparing your PPTX file. When you have completed your edits, please save it to a new PPTX file, that you will be able to upload upon completion of the submission form below.

We recommend using this Microsoft Word document as a tool to assist in saving and completing your submission. NOTE: This is document is only for saving a copy of your own work, all submissions must be completed electronically online below.

Contact Information

Note: In addition to the contact information, the following information may be made available to conference attendees if organization is invited to participate in program. Please do not include any confidential or proprietary information in your submissions details.

Organization Information

List as you want printed in the program.

Must start with a http:// or a https://, for example: http://www.acme.com
250 words max. Provide a high-level overview of the applicant’s core business area and focus with an eye toward medical countermeasure and/or counter WMD technologies. This information may be provided as a separate PDF document attachment (8 MB file size max), which you will be able to upload after uploading your PPTX file.
250 words max. Provide highlights of R&D with particular emphasis on projects related to OTA/Consortium funded efforts. Information to provide could include text and graphics describing applicable equipment and facilities, engineering, design, prototyping and production capabilities, personnel with a relevant technical background, government contracts, previous technical accomplishments, and any exceptional or unique capabilities that could be applied to the advancement of the project.
250 words max.

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