JUNE 13-15, 2022


TechConnect 2022 Innovation Awardees

Anthro EnergyConformable and Safe Lithium Ion Batteries with High Energy Density
ARGOS VisionEdge based vision sensor for traffic study
Articulate LabsMovement-Synchronous Electrical Stimulation for Remote Patient Physical Therapy Assistance and Monitoring
Astek Diagnostics Inc.Eugris - One-Hour Antibiotics Sensitivity Testing
AtomusAmazon Web Services for Cybersecurity (NIST 800-171, DFARS 7012, and CMMC)
AVENTUSOFT LLCNon-invasive cardiac pressure sensor and delivery system (SWIFT)
Azimuth CorporationAn Intelligent Metaoptic Design Package
Beast Code, LLCDigital Twins
Boston UniversityChip-scale Magnetocardiography
Brimrose Technology CorporationA Fetal Brain Oxygen Monitor
Chemeleon, Inc.Binding-Induced Nanostructured Dynamic Surface Assays
ChloBis Water, Inc.Desalination Batteries for Energy-Efficient Desalination and Selective Chloride Removal
CHN AnalyticsEmerging Technology Identification
Cirrus Materials Science Ltd.Cirrus PolyShield™: Novel Surface-initiated Polymer Protection
CM Materials, Inc.CleanMag: A novel material solution for more efficient on-board battery chargers and power converters in EVs
CraitorCraitor- Rugged, Portable, Intelligent 3D Printers
CranioSense, a subsidiary of Vivonics, IncIPASS - non-invasive assessment of intracranial pressure
Data-Warehouse GmbHEBUS-J
Data-Warehouse GmbHIQIMS - Meshed Information Management System
Data-Warehouse GmbHP-Cert Enterprise Crypto Discovery and Management
DeLorean Artificial Intelligence, Inc.Real Time Medical Care Management Artificial Intelligence (Medical AI)
Disaster TechDecision science Integrated Collaboration Environment (DICE)
DomenixJoint Integrated Lifeline System (JILS)
Eskra Technical Products, IncDry solvent free electrode and separator process
ExesaLibero PharmaDevelopment of the haloanilide, ELP-004 to prevent arthritis-induced bone erosion by inhibiting osteoclast differentiation
ExoMatterMaterials Research as a Service: supercharge materials development by replacing trial and error with data
Family Proud, IncFamily Resilience and Community Platform
Flux XII LLCSafe and Sustainable Grid Flow Battery
GelSana Therapeutics, Inc.Novel Hydrogels to Heal Wounds Faster with Less Inflammation
Geomega Resources Inc.An alternative purification process to produce graphite & graphene anode powder from natural graphite
GlycoSurf, IncGreen Glycolipids for Rare Earth Metals and Uranium Extraction from Unconventional Sources
Haas AlertInteroperable Situational Awareness Across Jurisdictions Globally Using Digital Communications
Helicoid Industries Inc.Helicoid® technology - bioinspired composite material for ultra-tough, lower weight and lower cost structures
Highfield DiagnosticsflowDx is a laser-based paper-patterning technology that that radically changes the performance and versatility of current lateral flow tests (LFTs)
Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityOmni-Cool-Breath: A Smart Air-Conditioned Mask
Hong Kong Productivity CouncilElectrically-Assisted Free Forming (EAFF) Technology for Customisation of Sheet Metal Parts
Hong Kong Productivity CouncilMy-O-Analyzer (My-Optical-Analyzer)
Idaho National LaboratoryOmniTap: Universal Capture and Translation of ICS Communication
Inhibit CoatingsAntimicrobial thermoplastic polyurethane for medical devices
Interstellar TherapeuticsNovel 4D Printing Technique for Treatment of Neurological and Orthopedic Disorders
Jet metal technologiesAn innovative, eco-friendly and high resolution roll to roll selective metallization
LeVanta Tech LLCEconomical, clean regional transport
Link to LearnProlonged Field Care Realistic Immersive Scenario Engine (PFC RISE)
Linshom Medical, Inc.Linshom Continuous Predictive Respiratory Sensor & Monitor
LuftCar LLCHydrogen powered modular autonomous air and road eVTOL for regional air mobility
McQ IncMcQ CONNECT(R) Global Satellite Communications Product
Mississippi State UniversityAthlete Engineering Baseline Ecosystem: innovative technologies to enhance human performance
Mississippi State UniversityCottonseed Oil Polymer
Mississippi State UniversityNIR-II Dye for Biological Imaging and Optoelectronic Devices
National Energy Technology LaboratoryAIIM: Advanced Infrastructure Integrity Modeling
National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)Miniaturized Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) Harsh Environment Sensor
National University of SingaporeA non-contact health measurement system
National University of SingaporeFlorisensor, usage of plant extracts for gas sensing
National University of SingaporeHaobotics Back Support Exoskeleton
National University of SingaporeWireless Sensing Medical Sutures For Post-Surgery Monitoring
necoTECHRobotic Maintenance Vehicle
Neurovation Labs, Inc.Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Diagnostic and Precision Treatment
Novum NanoMemristor – Novel Nano Memory Device
NUSMultifaceted Robotic Gripping Solutions
NUSThe AireLevate
OpiAID, Inc.Remote patient monitoring for opioid use disorder treatment
Original Biomedical ImplantsTranformational Low Cost/Best Biocomptible/Multifunctional Ultrananocrystallile Diamond (UNCD) Coatings for New Generation Medical Implants
Ostendo TechnologiesOstendo’s Wearable Displays to Support DoD Training, Operations, and Rapid Sustainment
Penn State UniversityBioabsorbable Foam for Large-Defect Wound Care
Penn State UniversityBiomimetic Neuromorphic Computational Devices and Sensors
PleiotekMedPad - A Wearable Data Storage device to support transport of computable data as a patient moves
Prohuman TechnologiesWearable thermoelectrics to heat, cool, and compress for mobile pain relief.
Pueo Business Solutions LLCHuna - Automated Information Retrieval
Qatch TechnologiesA low sample volume and rapid viscosity sensor for early stage injectability/manufacturability detection of biopharmaceuticals
REM Surface EngineeringSurface Polishing of Additively Manufactured Aluminum-Based Components
ReSource Chemical Corp.Sustainable And Performance-Advantaged Plastics Made From CO2
Rhaeos, Inc.FlowSense™
RobozeHelios™PEEK 2005 for custom, reliable aerospace tools
Rostra Therapeutics Ltd.Strathclyde Minor Grove Binders (S-MGBs)
Shock TechRobust Isolation for Vibration Abating (RIVA)
SimXSimX Virtual Reality Medical Simulation System
Sonavi LabsFeelix - A Connected Remote Monitoring System
Southwest Research InstituteA 3D printed scalable bioreactor for manufacturing of cells and cell derived exosome, proteins, and vaccine
SunRay ScientificManufacturability of Stretchable Medical Wearable Electronics
SunRay ScientificZTACH® ACE Z-Axis Pressure-less Anisotropic Conductive Epoxy for Flexible Circuitry and Semiconductor Packaging
SurClean Inc.Laser Ablation - Sustainable, Emerging, Advanced Machine Tools
SurgiBox, IncSurgiField
SWG RED LLCReusable Energy Absorbing Pads (REAP)
SynCell BiotechnologySYN-BAC - The first selenium nanoparticle-based antimicrobial dressing for treatment of MRSA infections in skin wounds
Tectus CorporationWorld's First Augmented Reality Contact Lens
Texas Tech University Office of Research CommercializationFractionation and Profiling of Heterogeneous Circulating Tumor Cells Using a Hyperuniform-Structured Microchip
Texas Tech University Office of Research CommercializationInfection and Inflammation Detection Microdevice
The Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityAI-empowered chest X-ray (CXR) and CT quantitative analysis for COVID-19 patient management
The Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityMoisture-absorbing and sweat-releasing multilayer polylactic acid (PLA) fabric and manufacturing technology
The University of AdelaidePortable In-Vivo Oxidative Stress (IVOS) Biosensor
TQIntelligence, Inc.Automated Emotional Distress Severity Classification for Children and Adolescents Using Speech Emotion Recognition and AI
University of MissouriBroad-Spectrum Antiviral Therapeutics Targeting S1P-Metabolizing Enzymes
University of North Carolina Greensboro and Minerva LithiumBio-Based Solid-State Lithium-Ion Battery Technology
University of Notre DameA Mechanical Device for Breast Cancer Diagnosis
University of South FloridaPortable platform for mobile ELISA tests
UtopiaCompression CorporationNeuroVana - A Non-invasive and Portable Diagnostic-support Device for Brain Injury assessment
Vaxess Technologies, Inc.MIMIX™ Sustained Release Patch
Virginia Commonwealth UniversityHigh-quality perovskite films - Low-temperature formation of perovskite films using supercritical CO2
Virginia Commonwealth UniversityUse of TMEM219 agonists for the treatment of cancer, metabolic syndrome, obstructive respiratory disorders and related diseases
Virginia TechA Wearable Computing Cluster and Platform for Multi-agent Cyberphysical Systems
Virginia TechSelf Powered Autonomous Robot for Power Line Vibration Control and Inspection
Vital Metrix, Inc.Vital Metrix Noninvasive Cardiac Output Measurement
WEINBERG MEDICAL PHYSICS, INC.Compact image-guided system for focal delivery of drugs and electric fields to the brain
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