JUNE 13-15, 2022


TechConnect World 2022 Program

We are proud to announce the 2022 program. This program will continue to develop with new keynote, speaker and innovator confirmations, so please continue to check these pages for additional highlights.

Program Highlights:

Program by Sector:

Program by Day

Sunday June 12

Monday June 13

8:30TechConnect World Innovation Conference - Plenary Keynotes
8:30SBIR/STTR Workshop - Overview & Phase I (additional fee)
10:00Coffee Break
10:30Nanomedicine I
10:30Printed & Flexible Electronics I
10:30Advanced Manufacturing Innovations
10:30Composites I
10:30Fuel Cell Materials
10:30Sustainable Plastics: Degradable, Recyclable & Reusable I
10:30Advanced Characterization Opportunities at Academic Centers of Excellence
10:30Energy Storage
10:30Innovations In Rare Earths & Critical Minerals - Keynotes I
10:30Medical Innovation Challenge - Session I: Devices & Sensors
10:30Aerospace & Defense Innovation Spotlights: REI & Northrop Grumman
10:30SBIR/STTR Agency Briefings
12:00Lunch Break
12:00Expo Hall Open 12:00PM-6:00PM
12:30SBIR/STTR Accounting Workshop (additional fee)
1:00SBIR/STTR Agency Deep Dive
1:30Student Leaders Conference - Careers and Research into Action I
1:30Nanomedicine II
1:30Nanoparticle Manufacturing
1:30Graphene & 2D Materials
1:30Printed & Flexible Electronics II
1:30Composites II
1:30Quantum Sensing
1:30H2 Production & Applications
1:30Sustainable Plastics: Degradable, Recyclable & Reusable II
1:30Material Characterization & Imaging
1:30AI for Materials & Manufacturing
1:30Solid State Batteries
1:30Innovations In Rare Earths & Critical Minerals - Keynotes II
2:40Rare Earth Magnet Technology
1:30Medical Innovation Challenge II: Therapeutics & Treatments
1:30Manufacturing & Materials Innovation Spotlights: AGC, Inc. and Henkel
2:30SBIR/STTR Phase II Workshop (additional fee)
2:45Medical Innovation Challenge III: Digital & Hardware
3:00Electronics, Sensors, Communications Innovation Spotlights Session: Rothwell Figg
4:15Medical Innovation Challenge - Awards Presentation
4:00SBIR/STTR Agency Meet-and-Greet at SBIR Pavilion, Expo Hall
4:00TechConnect Innovation Showcase Reception (4:00 - 6:00)

Tuesday June 14

9:00Joint SBIR/STTR and TechConnect Business Keynote Program
9:05SBIR/STTR Keynote Panel: SBIR at 40 -- What's Next?
9:00Considerations for Nanoparticle-Mediated Delivery
9:00Bio-Sensing & Health
9:00Carbon Nanostructures and Devices I
9:00Additive Manufacturing Materials
9:00Materials for Sustainable Buildings I
9:00Characterization with Scanning Probe Microscopy
9:00Rare Earths: Methods for Extraction & Separation
9:00AI for Bio & Medical Applications
9:00Batteries Beyond Lithium
10:00Coffee Break
10:30How to Get Started in SBIR or STTR
10:30SBIR: Conducting Your Phase I
10:30Energy Innovation Spotlight Session: Linde & ExxonMobil
11:20SBIR: Inside the Head of the Evaluators
11:20Making the Most of Your Phase I and II
12:00Lunch Break
12:00Expo Hall Open 12:00PM-6:00PM
1:00SBIR: Navigating SBIR Agency Differences
1:00Commercialization Assistance Programs and Resources
1:30Student Leaders Conference - Careers and Research into Action II
1:30Challenging Sensor Deployments
1:30Carbon Nanostructures and Devices II
1:30Applied Biomaterials: Medical Devices
1:30Digital Additive Manufacturing
1:30Materials for Sustainable Buildings II
1:30Machine Learning for Characterization
1:30Rare Earths: Recovery of REE & Critical Minerals
1:30Molecular Modeling for Materials Development
1:30Tools for Implementation of Energy Storage
1:30Challenges and Opportunities of Sustainable Micro- and Nanofabrication on an International Scale
1:30Advanced Materials Innovation Spotlights: Emerald Technology Ventures
2:45AI, Data, Cyber, and Software Innovation Spotlights: USINDOPACOM
2:00SBIR: How to Find Support Organizations
2:00Transitioning from Phase II to Phase III
3:00Partnering and Free Resources
3:00SBIR: Working With Defense Primes
4:00Resilient Infrastructure + Secure Energy (RISE) Consortium Round Table (invite only) 4:00pm-5:00pm
4:15Biotech & Medical Innovation Spotlights I
4:00SBIR/STTR Agency Meet-and-Greet at SBIR Pavilion, Expo Hall
4:00TechConnect Expo & Networking Reception (4:00 - 6:00) - Poster Session
4:00Additive Manufacturing - Posters
4:00Advanced Materials for Engineering Applications - Posters
4:00AI Innovations - Posters
4:00Bio-based Materials - Posters
4:00Biomaterials & Medical Devices - Posters
4:00Graphene & Carbon Nano Structures - Posters
4:00Coatings - Posters
4:00Composites - Posters
4:00Diagnostics & Bioimaging - Posters
4:00Energy Storage - Posters
4:00Materials for Drug & Gene Delivery - Posters
4:00Micro & Bio Fluidics, Lab-on-Chip - Posters
4:00Molecular Modeling & Simulation - Posters
4:00Nanomedicine - Posters
4:00Nanoparticles - Posters
4:00Electronics & Quantum - Posters
4:00Sensors - Posters
4:00Sustainability Innovations - Posters
4:00Innovations in Rare Earths and Critical Minerals - Posters
4:00Student Leaders Conference - Posters

Wednesday June 15

9:00Sustainable Nanotech
9:00Advanced Materials for Engineering Applications
9:00Novel Biomaterials for Tissue Regeneration and Therapeutics
9:00Bio-based Materials, Biofuels & Cellulose
9:00Micro & Bio Fluidics, Lab on a Chip
9:00Rare Earths: Innovations, Economics, Supply Chain
9:00AI Innovations
9:00Sustainability in Energy Storage
9:00Biotech & Medical Innovation Spotlights II
10:00TechConnect Innovation Spotlights: Wellspring
12:30Rare Earths Roadmapping - Consortium for Rare Earth Technologies (CREaTe)
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