JUNE 19-21, 2023

Sustainability & Efficiency Innovations

Materials for Sustainability and Efficiency

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Symposium Chair

YuanQiao RaoGreen Chemistry in Home and Personal Care
YuanQiao Rao
Fellow, The Dow Chemical Company


Key Speakers


A concern for the environment, regulatory pressure, corporate sustainability goals, and recognition of consumer preferences for products with reduced carbon footprint are driving innovation in sustainable materials, and efficient products and processes. Submit your abstract and participate in this special symposium highlighting international research and development efforts and success stories in the development of a more sustainable future.

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2023 Symposium Sessions

Tuesday June 20

1:30Sustainability & Efficiency Innovations I
4:00Sustainability & Efficiency Innovations - Posters

Wednesday June 21

9:00Sustainability & Efficiency Innovations II

2023 Symposium Program

Tuesday June 20

1:30Sustainability & Efficiency Innovations ITBA
Digital Tools for Biodiversity Monitoring & Education
A. Arrington, PLANT Group, US
Advances in Solid Phase Colloidal Materials for Environmental Remediation
J. Freim, Regenesis Bioremediation, US
Composite WiRe Wrap to Improve Resiliency and Lifespan of Grid
D. Zamani, ALD Technical Solutions, US
Solid Waste Reduction via Waste-to-Energy: Experience with Trashology’s On-Site Waste-to-Energy System
M. Young, S. Armstrong, J. Farias, R. Thompson, W. Wang, Trashology, US
Compact, high-power superconducting radio-frequency accelerators for environmental applications
G. Ciovati, A. Castilla-Loeza, G. Cheng, U. Pudasaini, R. Rimmer, H. Vennekate, H. Wang, S. Wang, J. Anderson, B. Coriton, L. Holland, D. Packard, K. Thackston, C. Bott, R. Pearce, Xi Li, D. Knappe, F. Hannon, T. Schultheiss, J. Rathke, Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, US
Carrier Transport and Behaviour of Hybrid Photovoltaic Solar Cell – Inorganic and Organic Nanocrystals Devices
A. Islam, A.T. Aynul, UESTC, Glasgow College, China, University of Glasgow, UK, UK
4:00Sustainability & Efficiency Innovations - PostersExpo Hall AB
Fuel Catalyst
K. Sharp, Brothers Services Group LLC, US
The Eco-Friendly Gym
L. Collins, Smakkfitness, US
Extracting Electricity from Ambient Heat
P. Orem, F. Orem, ThermaWats, LLC, US
Comparison of Fluid Additive VS. Thermal Paste for Heat Transfer Enhancement in Hybrid PV/Thermal Systems
J. Druzynski, A. Cauchon, V. Thai, M. Anderson, Icarus RT, Inc, US
Energy Aware Computing for Machine-to-Machine Communications
B. Holste, M. Bergstrom, Internet of Everything Corp., Europe, ES
Design and Realization of Plasmonic Solar Cell Platform
N.U. Ahamad, M. Rahman, Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Sylhet-3114, Bangladesh, BD
From Gorillas to Humans: Sustainability in an Interconnected World
M. Trebilcock Jr., D. Kachevas, K. Kaul, MCPC, US
A new diagnostic module for a telemetry circuit components by loosely coupled coils as wireless power transmission
K.M. Koo, Universal Monitoring & Inspection, Inc., KR
Cutting power consumption in large IoT deployments through Sustainable Computing
M. Bergström, Internet of Everything Corporation, US
Use Of Synthesized Nano Silica Fertilizer Composite as Soil Treatment, For Improved Crop Productivity.
E. Akhayere, D. Kavaz, Cyprus International University, TR
Demonstration of energy efficient, tunable air filter
L. Rothenberg, Agentis Air LLC, US

Wednesday June 21

9:00Sustainability & Efficiency Innovations IITBA
Advances in Electrostatic Filter Technology Enables Smart Filter Producing Increase in IAQ, Lowered Energy Cost, and Reduced Waste
L. Rothenberg, Agentis Air LLC, US
Life cycle analysis of conventional and emerging nanofabrication techniques in the semiconductor industry
E. Mullen, Trinity College Dublin, IE
TruePODS for Building Sustainability and Occupant Wellness
A. Droitcour, Adnoviv, Inc., US
Generalized Autonomy: Addressing the Biggest Opportunity in Urban Decarbonization
T. Harvey, PassiveLogic, US
Governing Technology: “Nanotechnology Risk Management and Public Health Protection Act” A Harmonized Approach to Promoting Innovation While Protecting Global Health
I.L. Feitshans, Georgetown University Law Center, US
Qualifying climate-tech for the market: Safety and sustainability considerations
J.A. Shatkin, K.J. Ong, J.D. Ede, Vireo Advisors, LLC, US
H Quest Vanguard Inc.: Low-cost hydrogen production from natural gas through microwave plasma pyrolysis
G. Skoptsov, H Quest Vanguard Inc., US
Topics & Application Areas
  • Materials Recycling
  • Waste Reduction, Remediation
  • Energy Harvesting Technologies
  • Innovations in Solar Materials and Devices
  • Efficient Lighting & Display
  • Materials for Energy Transport & Grid Technologies
  • Green Chemistry & Materials Case Studies
  • Technologies for Carbon Capture
  • Innovative Materials for Carbon Capture & Storage
  • Innovations in Direct Air Capture
  • Innovations in Carbon Dioxide Utilization
  • Environmental Impact Assessment of Bio-Based Product/Processes
  • Other

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