JUNE 19-21, 2023

Energy Storage: Beyond Lithium

Energy Storage

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Symposium Co-Chairs

Imre GyukImre Gyuk
Director, Energy Storage Research
U.S. Department of Energy

Erik SpoerkeDeveloping “Really Cool” Low Temperature Molten Sodium Batteries
Erik Spoerke
Energy Storage Materials Lead, Sandia National Laboratories

2022 Invited Speakers

Mike PerryLong-Duration Energy Storage: An Industry Perspective
Mike Perry
Technical Fellow, Largo Clean Energy

Gabriel CowlesFrom NY to CA: Tales from the front lines of zinc battery ESS installations from coast to coast
Gabriel Cowles
VP Commercial Strategy and Finance, Urban Electric Power

Esther TakeuchiRechargeable Zinc Based Batteries for Large Scale Storage
Esther Takeuchi
Distinguished Professor, Stony Brook University

Valerio DeAngelisOpen-source software to accelerate the development of energy storage systems
Valerio DeAngelis
Chemical Engineer, Sandia National Laboratories

Richard BrodyLong-Duration Storage at Disruptively Low Cost – Quidnet Energy’s Geomechanical Pumped Storage (GPS)
Richard Brody
VP Business Development, Quidnet Energy

Jeffrey SpangenbergerThe ReCell Center: Working to Advance Battery Recycling
Jeffrey Spangenberger
Group Leader, Argonne National Laboratory

Doug AldertonAdvancements in Long Duration - Liquid Metal battery technology
Doug Alderton
VP Global Sales and Development, Ambri


Energy storage continues to emerge as one of the most active and potentially impactful areas of research and development. Storage is key to improved electrical resilience, reliability, and accessibility while opening the door to critical electrification and decarbonization efforts. Meeting the dynamic needs of evolving electrical grids and increasing electrified technology spaces, though, will clearly exceed both the technical capability and manufacturable capacity of currently market-dominant lithium-ion batteries. Our 2023 event will focus on technologies that promise impact beyond lithium-ion batteries, featuring a keynote session, followed by a lively program of invited and submitted talks focused on new materials, emerging chemistries, and developing technologies aiming to enter a dynamic energy storage marketplace. Submit your abstract and plan to participate in one of the most significant energy storage research and development events this year.

Topics & Application Areas
  • Flow Batteries
  • Alternative Battery Chemistries (Zinc, Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, and others)
  • Thermal Storage (Hot or Cold)
  • Mechanical Storage (Novel Pumped Hydro, Gravity Storage, Compressed Gas, and others)
  • Chemical Energy Storage
  • Medium and Long-Duration Storage
  • Hybrid Storage Systems
  • Energy Storage to Enable Renewable Energy Integration
  • Energy Storage for Industrial Decarbonization (joint session planned with NEW Industrial Decarbonization Symposium)
  • Other

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