TechConnect World 2019

2019 Index of Affiliations

University of MaineT2.225Design and manufacture of a functional 3D-printed Stirling engine: A case study involving bound metal deposition of 17-4…
University of MaineT2.226Exploring the relationship between process and properties of 3D-printed PLA: Towards process-informed simulation
University of MaineW4.262Eco- and health-friendly gypsum board substitute based on cellulose nanofibrils (CNF) as a binder
University of MaineW6.383Trace Level Pesticide Detection in Water by Cellulose Nanofibrils (CNF) Substrate
University of MarylandT2.361Imaging Perovskites' Dynamic Processes at the Nanoscale
University of MarylandT4.462Challenges and Opportunities for Carbon Semiconductors-based Flexible Electronics
University of MarylandW4.322Detection of Ligand-Induced Stabilization of DNA Based on Thermal Profiles from an Electronic Microscale Platform
University of MassachusettsM2.281Rediscovering Silicones: Trialkylsilylsilicate (MQ) and Trialkylsilylsilsesquioxane (MT) Copolymers
University of Massachusetts AmherstM2.323A SERS-active fiber containing needle for one-step multiphase sample preparation and minimum invasive detection
University of Massachusetts AmherstM4.462Lightweight, Fabric-Based Charge Storage Devices for Wearable Electrionics
University of Massachusetts AmherstM4.542Directed Assembly of Lipid Nanoparticles in Gastrointestinal Tract: Impact on Oral Bioavailabilty of Nutraceuticals
University of Massachusetts AmherstT4.283Health Effects of Foodborne Engineered Nanoparticles: Case Studies of Nanoemulsions and Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles
University of Massachusetts Center for Clinical and Translational ScienceW3.361M2D2: a successful model catalyzing medical device innovation and development
University of Massachusetts DartmouthM4.321Biomimetic Photonic Crystal based SERS substrates for Biomolecule Detection
University of Massachusetts DartmouthT4.243Peptide Self-Assembly into Nanostructures for Neuronal Proliferation
University of Massachusetts LowellM4.282Roll-to-Roll Hot Embossing of Micro/Nanostructures: A Scalable Manufacturing Approach for Liquid Repellant Surfaces
University of Massachusetts LowellT4.225Heterogeneous Additive Printing of 3D Materials
University of Massachusetts LowellT6.248Curvature Change Analysis of SMART Fibers used for Temperature Adaptive Insulation
University of Massachusetts LowellT6.404Facile fabrication of ordered nanoparticle arrays on flexible substrates
University of Massachusetts LowellT6.443Flexographic Printing Process of Flexible Dielectric Substrate Based on a Highly Filled Thermoplastic Polymer for Printe…
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