TechConnect World 2019

2019 Index of Affiliations

IBMW6.345Keen insight into medical conditions through Internet of Things
IBM Thomas J Watson Research CenterW3.342Towards Trusted AI For Advancing Science and Innovation
ICFO - Instituto de Ciencias FotónicasW4.283Flexible Periodic half-Cylinder Photonic Plate as a Light Recycling Device Applicable to Liquid Crystal Displays
Idaho State UniversityT6.361Comprehensive Analysis of High Performing Electrochemical Biosensors and Their Applications: II, System Update
Idaho State UniversityW6.463MCM-41 and functionalized MCM-41 as adsorbents to remove heavy metals and hardness from contaminated water and groundwat…
Idaho State University College of PharmacyT6.381Cytotoxic Effects of Short Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes on Pancreatic Cancer Cells
Idaho State University College of PharmacyT6.382Enhancement of Effects of Chitosan and Nanoparticles on Pancreatic Cancer Cells by Combination Treatments with the Anti-…
IDTechExW4.145Graphene and Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Commercialization: Past, Present and Future
IIT MadrasW3.302Fuel Cells Technology – Challenges perspective
Illinois Institute of TechnologyM4.602The Concept of “Sniper Shoot” in Discovery of a New Drugs
INCHEON NATIONAL UNIVERSITYT6.464An Efficient Non-enzymatic Electrocatalyst based on CuO/Ag Nanoparticle for Selective and Sensitive Detection of Glucose
Incom Inc.T4.486Large-Area Microchannel Plates and Photodetectors
Indian Institute of Technology KanpurT6.044Flexible agar hydrogel as dressing for chronic wound healing and management
Indian Institute of Technology MadrasW6.125Design and fabrication of porous Kirschner wires by additive manufacturing
Indian Institute of Technology MadrasW6.131Fuel saving and cost effectiveness of aircraft by isogrid structure of functional wheel hub
Indian Institute of Tehcnology MadrasM2.262Carbon nanotubes-Polymer based Flexible Piezoresistive Strain Sensor for Wearable Device Applications
Ingredion IncM2.321Nanoscale Characterization Tools and Method Development for New Products and In-Process Monitoring
Inhibit CoatingsT4.504Antimicrobial Coatings for Food Safety
InsightW6.329Real World Optimization of Traffic Flow Inside a Large Manufacturing Facility
Institute of Electron TechnologyT6.368R3-PowerUP – the Driver for key European BCD Technologies Development focused on Smart Power and Power Discretes ICs
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