TechConnect World 2019

2019 Index of Affiliations

Saint Louis UniversityM4.384Enabling Mask Free fabrication of 2D Architectures on Different Substrates via Aqueous Inks Precursors and CVD Synthesis
Samsung Electronics / Sungkyunkwan UniversityT6.374The Effects of Channel Poly Grain Size on Cell Reliability of 3D-NAND Flash Memory
Samsung Electronics Co. / Sungkyunkwan UniversityT6.373Effects of Buried Channel Array Transistor (BCAT) Fin Profiles on Leakage and Refresh Characteristics of DRAM Devices
Santa Clara UniversityT4.362Engineering nanoscale exosomes for targeted delivery of imaging and therapeutic reagents to hematopoietic stem cells
Sartomer BU, Arkema Inc.M2.421A Novel Isocyanate-Free Foam Technology
Schlumberger-Doll ResearchT2.403A Microfluidic High Pressure and High Temperature Coriolis Effect Flowmeter
Schlumberger-Doll ResearchT4.484Thermal Nucleation for High Pressure Fluid Phase Measurements
Schlumberger-Doll ResearchT6.461A novel colorimetric H2S measurement for environmental and oil and gas applications
Schrodinger, Inc.T4.405Smart design of organic and organometallic materials using automated machine learning methods and workflows
Semyung UniversityW6.305Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study on Nanoelectromechanical Oscillator based on Graphene Nanoflake
Sentient ScienceT2.223A Multiscale Modeling Suite for Part Qualification in Metal Additive Manufacturing
ShellM4.481Single-Site Molybdenum Catalysts for Bio-Available Alcohol Dehydrogenation
Shibaura Institute of TechnologyW6.301Analysis of Gate-Length Dependence of Lags and Current Collapse in Field-Plate AlGaN/GaN HEMTs
Shibaura Institute of TechnologyW6.302Analysis of Breakdown Characteristics in Field-Plate AlGaN/GaN HEMTs: Dependence on Deep-Acceptor Density in Buffer Laye…
Shibaura Institute of TechnologyW6.303Improved Electric Field Decomposition Capacitance Model with 3-D Terminal and Fringe Components in Sub-28nm Interconnect
SilcoTek CorporationT6.127Anti-Fouling and Oxidation Resistance of Silicon-Based CVD Coating and Surface Functionalization Technology
Siva Therapeutics Inc.W3.364Preclinical Safety and Clearance Profile of Plasmonic Gold Nanorods: Bringing Practical Photothermal Therapy to the Clin…
Siva Therapeutics, Inc.T2.443Gold Nanorods: An Ideal Material for Plasmonic Photothermal Cancer Therapy
SixPoint Materials, Inc.T6.304NEAT method for high-quality, low-cost gallium nitride wafers
SMALL (Sensors and MicroActuators Learning Lab), Department of Electrical Engineering, The State University of New York at BuffaloW6.362Recirculating samples inside chambers using vacuum and centrifugal forces
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