TechConnect World 2019

2019 Index of Affiliations

University of Massachusetts LowellW6.168Effect of topology on icephobic coatings
University of Massachusetts LowellW6.169Multilayer Elastomeric Laminates for Chemical Protection
University of Massachusetts LowellW6.428Study of frequency response of micropillar based acoustic wave sensors
University of Massachusetts Medical SchoolW4.124Yeast Cell Wall Particle Encapsulation of Pro-Terpene Payloads
University of Massachusetts – LowellT4.464Barium strontium titanate nanocomposite dielectric inks with variable dielectric constants for printed electronics
University of Massachusetts, AmherstM2.465Tension prediction using web moving speed and natural vibration frequency
University of Massachusetts, AmherstM4.482Development of hierarchical zeolites with enhanced mass transport for bulky chemical conversion
University of Massachusetts, BostonT2.442Gold and silver nanoparticles for rapid diagnostics in infectious diseases
University of Massachusetts, DartmouthW3.282Damage Sensing in Composites using Carbon Nanotubes
University of Massachusetts, LowellT1.141Engineered Biomaterials to Improve Human Health
University of Massachusetts, LowellW6.122Additive Manufacturing of Thermoplastic Elastomer Compounds Using Fused Deposition Modeling
University of MichiganW3.321Personalized vaccine nanodiscs for elimination of established tumors
University of Notre DameT4.262Phage-mimicking, infection reporting, fluorescent antibacterial nanoparticles to detect and clear infectious agents from…
University of NottinghamW3.384Microfluidics acting as a heat transfer reactor for nanoscale heat seeking material region cooling
University of OxfordT4.323Defect Engineered Single-Layer MoS2 Dendrites as an Efficient Electrocatalyst for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction
University of PennsylvaniaW3.324“Marker of Self” CD47 on nanoparticles and viruses decreases macrophage-mediated clearance and increases delivery
University of Puerto RicoM2.266Sorption Capacity and Electrical Capacitance of Three-Dimensional Carbon Networks
University of Puerto Rico Rio PiedrasT6.384Effect of Sonication on Particicle Dispersion and Toxicity of Graphene Oxide
University of Rhode IslandT1.143Development of Particulates Capable of Penetrating Physiological Barriers
University of Rhode IslandT4.364Engineering Nanoparticles for Internalization and Transport in Pulmonary Epithelia
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