OCTOBER 18-20, 2021


TechConnect 2021 Innovation Awardees

374Water Systems, Inc.Waste Resource Recovery Using Supercritical Water Oxidation
Actinia, Inc.Affordable High-Resolution Radiation Detectors
Adnoviv, Inc.True Presence Occupancy Detection Sensors (TruePODS)
Advanced Remote Sensing, Inc.A Superior Method to Correct Atmospheric Degradation of Satellite Imagery
AetherTouch, IncTouchless user interface for existing smart devices
American Maglev Technology of FloridaAutonomous Space Vehicle with Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage (SMES)
Anthro Energy, Inc.Intrinsically Flexible and Safe Lithium Ion Batteries
AntiRadical Therapeutics LLCSanFlow - A Drug for Prolonged Field Care that Corrects Vascular Dysfunction and Prevents Multi-Organ Injuries
Applied Ocean Sciences LLCEmergency Underwater PNT using Autonomous Surface Vehicle Constellation
Ariel Scientific Innovations, Ltd.Sludge dewatering using Magnetic Flocculation
Ascent Solar TechnologiesUltra-resilient lightweight, flexible solar solutions to meet DoD requirements for Energy independence in Space, SUAS, Dismounted Power, and Unattended Ground Sensors
BedRock Systems Inc.An Unbreakable Foundation for Formally Secured Computing
Binghamton UniversityAn Integrated Wide-Area UAV Aeromagnetic Survey System
Binghamton UniversityNanofibrous Platform for Soft Bioelectronics
Blueshift Materials, Inc.Polyimide Aerogel Thermal Protection Systems (TPS) for Aerospace and Defense
Breault Research OrganizationMiniaturized Electronic Safe & Arm Device (MESAD)
BRELYON Inc.Ultra Reality Display
BUNDLAR, LLCBUNDLAR Augmented Reality Content Management System (ARCMS)
Centerline Biomedical, Inc.Electromagnetic Augmented Reality Image Guidance with Computerized Task Assistance for Minimally-Invasive Field Care
Claros Technologies Inc.Novel Nanocomposite Fabrics for Personal Protective Equipment and Functional Textiles
Clemson University Research FoundationKey-and-Lock Commodity Self-Healing Copolymers
Codelucida, Inc.Technology/Solution Name: Low-density Parity-check error correction for enabling high-density flash storage with maximum endurance and performance
Contamination Source IdentificationCSI-Dx® : A Diagnostic Urine Test for Tick-borne Disease
Corsha, Inc.An API Security Platform
Cutting Edge AIAutonomous Object Identification Harnessing Full Motion Video
D-Tech, LLCZenurian™ - An Advanced Threat Detection and Analytics Tool Using Multi-Dimensional Machine Learning (ML) for Industrial Control Systems (ICS)
Dragos, IncActive Cyber Defense for Operational Technology Networks
Eskra Technical ProductsSolvent-Free Manufacturing Process for Lithium-Ion Battery Electrodes
Everykey IncEverykey - No more Passwords, No more Keys
Fend IncorporatedNext-Generation Industrial Data Diodes for Secure ICS Monitoring
Fermi National Accelerator LaboratoryElectron Beam Treatment For Invasive Pests
Fermi National Accelerator LaboratoryUniversal Pipe Vacuum Head
FiberQA, LLCAutomated Fiber Optic Connector Inspection and Cleaning
Forescout TechnologiesForescout Platform
Fortify3D Printers for Filled Photopolymers
Forward Edge, AI Inc.Blaise AI-Augmented, Raman/IoT/5G device for chemical and biological point detection (CBRNE) in the field
FoVI3D, Inc.CRO Personal Carry Mule: An All-Terrain Portable Robotic Mule
GeoMat LLCA nano-enabled technology for the dewatering of oil waste streams
George Washington UniversityAir-Q, A Portable System for Aerosol Detection and Mitigation for Buildings and Transportation Systems
George Washington UniversityHigh-efficiency intermediate band quantum dot solar cells
Hong Kong Productivity CouncilA Compact Sewage Bio-Reactor for Energy Recovery
Hong Kong Productivity CouncilkNOw Touch - Contactless Elevator Control System
Idaho National Laboratory, Technology DeploymentEarly Detection of Soft Shorts In Batteries
Idaho National Laboratory, Technology DeploymentOpDefender – Network Control for Industrial Control Systems
IMPRUVON Inc.Impruvon Health Medication Management Platform - Providing Security, Error Reduction, Compliance, and Independence for Individuals with Difficult to Maintain Medication Regimens
IoTAI, IncPICO Anywhere Suite - Distributed Intelligence Mesh for Constrained Conditions
Iowa State UniversityEfficient, Environmentally Friendly Recycling of Li-Ion Battery Waste: Mechanochemical recovery of Co, Li and other essential components
Iowa State UniversityPore-Encapsulated Catalysts for Selective Hydrogenolysis of Plastic Waste
Kismet TechnologiesNanoRAD (Nano-based Residual Active Disinfectant)
Lightspace technologiesMultifocal professional AR headset for Enterprise use and near distance visualization.
Makai Ocean EngineeringUltra-Compact, Highly Effective Thermal Management
Malachite TechnologiesMicrowave-assisted Ammonia Synthesis
Martin Defense GroupOffboard Launch and Recovery System for Uncrewed Platforms
Maui Innovation GroupLeakproof Valve
MEI Micro, Inc.3DS MEMs IMU Technology Platform
MELD Manufacturing CorporationMELD: a scalable, no-melt method for printing for large metal parts
Meta Materials IncglucoWISE®: Non-Invasive Glucose Testing
Metamaterial Inc.NanoWeb® Transparent Antenna
MIC Monitor, LLCMicrobial corrosion test kit
Microsurgeonbot Inc.GURU
Mindset Medical, LLC.Informed Virtual Vitals
Minerva Lithium LLCFueling the EV Revolution
Mississippi State UniversityRapid Assay Methods and Kits for Detecting Neutralizing Antibody for Sars-Cov-2
Modula S IncBase of the Future, Passive Performance NetZero Autonomous Expeditionary Buildings
Momentum OpticsAdvanced Optical Manufacturing to Accelerate Product Development and Reduce Costs
Mycroft Mind, a.s.Embedded Grid Intelligence
Namatad Inc.FIREFLY Platform
NanoSafe, Inc.Mobile Analytical Platform for Lead Detection in Drinking Water (LeadMAP)
NAVSYS CorporationPNT as a Service (PNTaaS) for operating in GPS denied environments
NetNumberNetCore Disaster Response Network (DRN)
NonLinear CorporationAggregate Spread Pulse Modulation in LPWANs for IoT applications
Novum NanoNovel Nano Oil Additive Reduces Friction and Increases Engine Efficiency.
OmniSync IncorporatedTurboSBIR - "TurboTax" for SBIR/STTR Proposal Preparation and Management
Onclave Networks, Inc.Securing Resilient On-Base Microgrids and Flightlines for Smart Installations of the Future
Opal HTMOpal HTM: IoT-optimized medical asset management
ORION TECHNOLOGY GROUP, LLCOrion AIM Artificial Intelligence Mission System
Osmoses, Inc. / MIT Dept of Chemical Engineeringmembranes for efficient gas and vapor separations
PainQxALGOS System: Digital Diagnostic for Objective Pain Measurement
PleiotekTechnology/Solution Name: Advanced Wearable and Mobile Platform for addressing Patient Data Movement in Austere Operating Environments
Polaris Semiconductor LLCRF-Silent DC Voltage Regulators with High Efficiency
POLYMATERIALS APP, LLCSupercapacitor for electronics and vehicle applications
PowercastWireless Power Harvester Chips that convert RF to usable DC power
RefactrDevSecOps Automation Platform
REM Surface EngineeringPost-Process Surface Finishing and Optimization of Additively Manufactured Nickel-Based Superalloys
Ridgetop Group Inc.CellSage Battery Health Analysis and Prognostics Software
RMD LLCA large Legged Robot Capable of Operating on Unstructured Terrain with Heavy Payload
Robossis Inc - Rowan UniversityAn orthopedic surgical robot
Rowan UniversityAutomated-Track Electrospinning
Rowan UniversityRobossis: Surgical Robot for Long-Bone Fracture Alignment
Rowan UniversityUsing AI to Improve Safety at Grade Crossings
RTM Vital Signs LLCRTM Respiratory Monitor
Schweitzer Engineering LaboratoriesSetting a Strong Foundation for Securing Facility Related Control Systems
Secure Surgical Solutions, LLCA Portable Saline Generator for Point-of-Care Applications
SENSE Neuro Diagnostics, Inc.NeuroHawk TBI Scanner
Sesame Solar IncSesame Solar Nanogrids: mobile, solar-powered, charging Solution for EVs with an emergency/command office inside
Sixdof SpaceUltra Fast Optical Tracking
Skayl, LLCAutomated System Integration, Testing & Certification Leveraging a Robust Data Architecture
SkyNanoHybrid Copper-Coated Carbon Nanotube Structures for Multifunctional Coatings
spotLESS Materials Inc.spotLESS Anti-Fouling Surface Coating
Stanford University Office of Technology LicensingHigh quality, low carbon cement
Stanford University Office of Technology LicensingSPINS: Inverse Design Software for Nanophotonic Structures
SubSeaSail LLCRevolutionary, autonomous, long-duration, multi-hulled sailing cargo vessel
SWR TECHNOLOGY INC.Through-Barrier Wireless Power and Data Communication
Texas Tech UniversityLabel-free, High-throughput Holographic Screening and Enumeration of Tumor Cells in Blood
Texas Tech UniversityReconfiguration with Logic Design Framework for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University3D LiDAR Aided GNSS Precise Positioning for L4 Autonomous Driving
The Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityHF-free facile and rapid synthesis of MXenes related materials and their efficient energy conversion and storage applications
The Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversitySweatextile: a Nature-Inspired Textile of Unidirectional Water Transport and Dissipation for Moisture Management, Comfort and Protection
TriMiS Inc.Multi-functional Compounds for Coatings
Tripwire - A BELDEN CompanyTofino Firewall
U.S. DOE National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)Microwave Assisted CO2 Conversion
U.S. DOE National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)Nodeworks
UC Santa Barbara Technology & Industry AlliancesIntegrated Soft Optoelectronics for Wearable Health Monitoring
UC Santa Barbara Technology & Industry AlliancesVapor-Mediated Synthesis of Silicon Carbide Matrices for Ceramic Matrix Composites
University of Central FloridaIntelligent Object Magnification for Augmented Reality Displays
University of South Dakota-Sanford School of MedicineNeurostimulation Method
University of Sussex, Advanced Material DevelopmentSmart heterostructure for sensing and controlling corrosion
University of Tennessee, KnoxvilleLow cost carbon application for lightweighting applications
UptimaiUptimai - Uncertainty Propagator and Statistical Optimizer
Urban Electric Power, Inc.Rechargeable zinc manganese dioxide batteries
VCU Innovation GatewayPure-Phase Cubic Ni1-xMox Alloy Nanoparticles as Low-Cost and Earth Abundant Electrocatalysts for Water Splitting to Produce Hydrogen
Virginia Commonwealth UniversityU-Carbon: A Conductive and Magnetic Carbon
VisionCraft s.r.o.VisionCraft AI driven computer vision and data analytics
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation2DG for acute treatment of status epilepticus, acute repetitive seizures, and TBI
Z-Field Technologies LCCRapid identification of Coronaviruses including SARS-CoV-2 and detection of its mutations
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