JUNE 13-15, 2022

TechConnect World 2022 Program - Wednesday June 15

9:00Sustainable NanotechChesapeake 12
Session chair: Philip Demokritou, Harvard University School of Public Health, US
9:00Safety assessment of ingested engineered nanomaterials: Model systems, challenges and implications to human health
D. Bello, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, US
9:25Tuning agrochemical chemistry at the nanoscale to enhance stress tolerance, crop nutrition and yield
J. White, The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station (CAES), US
9:50Air Pollution Mitigation Technology
V. Chaganti, M. Cheruvu, Akshara Yantra, US
10:10Leakage Minimization Face Barrier
C. Freeman, Mississippi State University, US
10:30Real-Time Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Data Drives Modern Building Management
J. Stamatakis, Senseware, US
10:50Effectiveness of waste-based carbon matrix to build a zero-valent iron-loaded composite for application of heavy metal, dye uptakes by adsorption: Equilibrium, kinetics, thermodynamics analysis, and life cycle assessment
S. Suganya, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, IL
9:00Advanced Materials for Engineering ApplicationsChesapeake 1
Session chair: Cy Wilson, NASA Langley Research Center, US
9:00Fluidic circuits as a kinetic system for modulation of multiple hot spots as a thermally functional reactor
M.E. Alston, R. Barber, University of Nottingham, UK
9:20An Aluminum Alloy with Ultrahigh Thermal Stability at 250C
D. Weiss, O. Rios, R. Ott, M. Neveau, Eck Industries, Inc. & Univ of Tennessee-Knoxville, US
9:40Advances in Carbon-Carbon Manufacturing for Hypersonic Applications
R. Gulotty, N. Murdie, L.G. Tang, S. Glen, B. Jadidian, M. Mehr, J. Nieh, Honeywell International Inc, US
10:00An Experimental Study on the Effect of Methane Potent Biogas Mixture on Gas Permeation Mechanism
P. Ogunlude, O. Abunumah, F. Muhammad-Sukki, E. Gobina, Robert Gordon University, UK
10:20Analysis of High-Transparency Molybdenum Oxide Thin Films deposited by Pulsed Laser Deposition
R.K. Sharma, L. Horák, K. Ridzoňov, J. Holovský, Czech Technical University in Prague, CZ
10:40Novel Low-energy Super hydrophilic Alloy Coatings
F. Hou, I. Mardon, Z. Yang, C. Goode, Cirrus Materials Science Ltd., NZ
11:00Development of dense membranes for high-density hydrogen production from ammonia catalytic decomposition (cracking) for PEM fuel cells power in Long-haul Passenger Aircraft Transportation
E. Gobina, Robert Gordon University, UK
9:00Novel Biomaterials for Tissue Regeneration and TherapeuticsNational Harbor 7
Session chair: Jeannine Coburn, Worcester Polytechnic University, US
9:00Additive Manufacturing of Nanofiber-Hydrogel Composites for Aligned Soft Tissue Engineering
V. Beachley, Rowan University, US
9:25New NIST Reference Material Helps Biomanufacturers Assess mAb Glycosylation
M.S. Lowenthal, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
9:45Magnetic Control of Protein Expression via Magneto-Mechanical Actuation using ND-PEG Iron Oxide Nanocubes
J. Beltran-Huarac, D. Yamaleyeva, B. Thapa, A. Kabanov, East Carolina University, US
10:05Characterization of Transparent Bacterial-Derived Cellulose Potential Wound Care Applications
E.M. van Zyl, J.M. Coburn, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, US
9:00Bio-based Materials, Biofuels & CelluloseNational Harbor 8
Session chair: World L-S Nieh, U.S. Forest Service, US
9:00Protein-Based Plastics as Next-Gen Renewable Materials: Challenges and Opportunities
H. Zha, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, US
9:25Biodegradability-controlled Polymers for 3D Printed POP Scaffolds
Y. Zhu, K. Song, Arizona State University, US
9:45Hydrothermal co-liquefaction of crop residue and plastic waste for sustainable production of oil and hydrochar
B. Maddipudi, K. Huynh, V. Amar, A. Shende, G. Bauer, R. Shende, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, US
10:10Novel pretreatment strategies of algal biomass for the production of bioethanol
F. Almomani, Qatar University, QA
10:30Building Community Resiliency Through the Circular Economy
D. Robau, National Energy USA, US
9:00Micro & Bio Fluidics, Lab on a ChipNational Harbor 6
Session chair: Kwang Oh, University at Buffalo (SUNY), US
9:00Measurements in flow: improving cytometry and flow metrology in optofluidic devices
G. Cooksey, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
9:25Next-generation diagnostics and sensors in a pandemic age
S. Sia, Columbia University, US
9:50Dynamics of high-viscosity multiphase flows in microfluidics
T. Cubaud, Stony Brook University, US
10:15Lens-less integrated optical beam shaping for Lab-on-a-Chip applications
J. Sadeghi, G.A. Cooksey, UMD & National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
10:35Dynamic range and uncertainty analysis of a serial microfluidic cytometer
M.A. Catterton, M. DiSalvo, E.W. Esch, P.N. Patrone, G.A. Cooksey, John Hopkins University, US
10:55Symmetric Two-Layer Microfluidic Device for Multiphase 3D-Hydrodynamic Flow Focused Nanoparticle Synthesis
E.K. Marecki, C. Bowman, D. Gutierrez, M. Ketcham, R. Rayhan, B. Davidson, P. Knight, K.W. Oh, SUNY University at Buffalo, US
11:153D Printing Enabled Uniform Temperature Distributions and Fluorescent Temperature Sensing in Microfluidic Devices
G. Hawkins, D. Sanchez, H.S. Hinnen, A. Day, A.T. Woolley, G.P. Nordin, and T. Munro, Brigham Young University, US
9:00Rare Earths: Innovations, Economics, Supply ChainNational Harbor 13
Session chair: David Reed, Idaho National Laboratory, US
9:00Technoeconomic analyses to inform critical materials decision making
M.V. Evans, B. Webster, M. Heinrichs, Battelle, US
9:20Sampling and Characterization of Coal Basins as an Alternative Rare-Earth Element Resource
J. Kay, B. Folkedahl, C. Nyberg, I. Feole, University of North Dakota, US
9:40Securing Sustainable Supply Chains for North America Critical Rare Earth Elements
D. Horn, J. Tuohy, G. Ives, GreenMet, US
10:00Improving Coal-Derived Carbon Precursors to Produce Critical Graphite Materials for Modern Technologies
A. Azenkeng, N.E. Stanislowski, J.D. Laumb, Energy & Environmental Research Center, US
10:20Development of a Portable Fiber Optic Luminescence Sensor for Rare Earth Elements
S. Crawford, J. Ellis, J. Baltrus, Leidos-National Energy Technology Laboratory, US
10:40Economic Extraction and Recovery of REEs and Production of Clean Value-added Products from Low-rank Coal Fly Ash
B. Folkedahl, C. Nyberg, J. Kay, University of North Dakota, US
11:00Satellite-Based Hyperspectral Analysis for Improved License to Operate and Lifecycle Operations in Mining
R.P. Weaver, Orbital Sidekick, US
11:20Mine to Magnet and critical Minerals Supply Chain Solution for the Green Energy and Technology Revolution
A. Knochenhauer, USA Rare Earth, US
9:00AI InnovationsChesapeake 11
Session chair: Chris Menzel, Fujifilm Dimatix, Inc., US
9:00Work From Home/ Work Remote for Infrastructure Consumers
C.T. Reynolds, Technical Systems Integrators, US
9:20Flexible AI for real-world environments
T. Achler, Optimizing Mind, US
9:40Predictive Modeling of Industrial Control Cyber Attacks
P. Trainor, Nozomi Networks, US
10:00A Framework for Proactive Safety Evaluation of Intersection Using Surrogate Safety Measures and Non-Compliance Behavior
D. Patel, M. Jalayer, N. Carla Bouaynaya, Rowan University, US
10:20ABSCA - A Boost Converter Switching Controller using Machine Learning Algorithms
B. Abegaz, Loyola University Chicago, US
10:40CORSI - AI/ML Verification & Validation
S. Vasan, S. Chelian, Quantum Ventura Inc., US
9:00Sustainability in Energy StorageNational Harbor 12
Session chair: Imre Gyuk, U.S. Department of Energy, US
9:00The ReCell Center: Working to Advance Battery Recycling
P. Spangenberger, Argonne National Laboratory, US
9:25Reductive Leaching of Metals from Lithium-ion Batteries
T. Lister, Idaho National Laboratory, US
9:50Recovery of Lithium from Brines and Clay Minerals and Recycled Lithium-ion Batteries
P. Paranthaman, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
10:10Asymmetric supercapacitors fabricated with ferrite/CHTL-derived hydrochar electrodes
K. Huynh, B. Maddipudi, V. Amar, A. Shende, R. Shende, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, US
9:00Biotech & Medical Innovation Spotlights IINational Harbor 10
Session chair: Saeed Bagheri, University of Waterloo, CA
9:00Innovative Zeolite Nanostructure for Antimicrobial, Adsorption and Separation
B. Wang, ZeoVation, Inc., US
9:07Use of TMEM219 agonists for the treatment of cancer, metabolic syndrome, obstructive respiratory disorders and related diseases
Y. Oh, Virginia Commonwealth University, US
9:14Wireless Sensing Medical Sutures For Post-Surgery Monitoring
C. Bo Duan, National University of Singapore, SG
9:21Brain modeling as a service
R. Kraft, BrainSim Technologies Inc., US
9:28VestAid: Augmenting Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy
P. Hovareshti, Intelligent Automation, A BlueHalo Company, US
9:35Omni-Cool-Breath: A Smart Air-Conditioned Mask
G. Li, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK
9:42Regulation of assembly status and activity of the proteasome as a non-toxic way to mitigate military relevant muscle atrophy
M. Gaczynska, The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, US
Review Panelist
J. David, BryceTech, US
Review Panelist
T. Webster, Interstellar Therapeutics, US
10:00TechConnect Innovation Spotlights: WellspringNational Harbor 10
Session chair: Jonathan Jakischa, TechConnect Division, ATI, US
10:00Beyond the Usual Suspects: An Ecosystem Approach to Tech Scouting
C. Townsend, Wellspring, US
10:15Cirrus PolyShield™: Novel Surface-initiated Polymer Protection
C. Goode, Cirrus Materials Science Ltd., US
10:22The AireLevate
M. Loong, NUS, SG
10:29ZTACH® ACE Z-Axis Pressure-less Anisotropic Conductive Epoxy for Flexible Circuitry and Semiconductor Packaging
M. Stemmermann, SunRay Scientific, US
10:36Multifaceted Robotic Gripping Solutions
M.L. Chia, NUS, SG
10:43P-Cert Enterprise Crypto Discovery and Management
L. Alexander, Data-Warehouse GmbH, DE
10:50Moisture-absorbing and sweat-releasing multilayer polylactic acid (PLA) fabric and manufacturing technology
H. Hu, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK
10:57Robust Isolation for Vibration Abating (RIVA)
D. Allaei, Shock Tech, US
Review Panelist
C. Townsend, Wellspring, US
Review Panelist
J. Jakischa, TechConnect Division, ATI, US
Review Panelist
E. Polyakova, Graphene Laboratories, Inc., US
Review Panelist
A. Norman, Modern Meadow, US
12:30Rare Earths Roadmapping - Consortium for Rare Earth Technologies (CREaTe)National Harbor 13
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