JUNE 17-19, 2024

Workforce Development Programming

TechConnect aims to raise student and educator awareness from all backgrounds - community college, undergraduate, and graduate - across all regions about the semiconductor industry and associated career opportunities, in light of the $52 billion dollar investment by the US government in the CHIPS act. There will be various programs for students and educators to explore career pathways and opportunities related to expansion of a domestic semiconductor workforce to operate the new and expanded facilities as determined as critical to meeting the goals of the CHIPS Incentives program.

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Bunnysuits and more: career panel for community college/technical college educators and students

Representatives of semiconductor companies and training programs will discuss the opportunity space for technician/inspector employment in the microelectronics industry, skillset required, opportunities for reskilling and upskilling. Areas covered will include how associate degree programs, occupational certificates, and technical education programs, among others, can be used to meet workforce development needs.

Bunnysuits and more: career panel for four-year institution and graduate students

Representatives of semiconductor companies and internship programs will discuss career opportunities for engineers and scientists in the microelectronics industry, background and training required, opportunities for growth and development.

This program is supported by PMI, Princeton University.

Confirmed panelists

Bert HarropBert Harrop
Packaging Lab Manager

Daniel SchmidtDaniel Schmidt
In-Line Metrology Manager
IBM Research

Osama AwadelkarimOsama Awadelkarim
Dept Chair and Professor
Penn State University

Tom PennellTom Pennell
Research Support Specialist
Cornell Nanofabrication Facility

Katy CristKaty Crist
Sr Mgr, Strategic Alliances and Partnerships
Tokyo Electron Limited

Wesley SandersWesley Sanders
Assistant Professor
Salt Lake Community College

Timothy ThomasTimothy Thomas
Chief Strategy Officer
Mohawk Valley Community College

Andria DenmonAndria Denmon
Associate Professor, Life Sciences
Santa Monica College

Cait CramerCait Cramer
Curriculum Lead
Micro Nano Technology Education Center

Jin EllingtonJin Ellington

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Monday June 17

10:30CHIPS Workforce Development Program: Tutorial on the Semiconductor Industry
1:30CHIPS Workforce Development Program: Career Panel Discussions

Tuesday June 18

9:15CHIPS R&D - SmartFab
10:45CHIPS R&D - Metrology
12:00CHIPS Workforce Development Program Career Awareness Fair (12:00 - 6:00)
4:00CHIPS R&D - Posters
4:00Student Leaders Poster Session

Wednesday June 19

9:00XR for Semiconductor Workforce Development and Training


Monday June 17

10:30CHIPS Workforce Development Program: Tutorial on the Semiconductor IndustryAnnapolis 3-4
1:30CHIPS Workforce Development Program: Career Panel DiscussionsAnnapolis 3-4

Tuesday June 18

9:15CHIPS R&D - SmartFabAnnapolis 3-4
Session chair: Daniel Schmidt, IBM, US
DOE Nanoscale Science Research Centers Support of the Chips and Science Act
J. Nelson, Sandia National Laboratories, US
SmartFab Data and Analytics - Challenges and Opportunities
R. Baseman, IBM, US
From Lab to Fab: AI-Powered Metrology for High-Volume Manufacturing
M.Y.-H. Kim, Gauss Labs Inc., US
Collaborative and Holistic AI driven process control software platform to accelerate IC Manufacturing
J. Foucher, S. Martinez, H. Ozdoba, J. Baderot, A. Hallal, M. Jacob, S. Garrais, POLLEN Metrology Inc., US
10:45CHIPS R&D - MetrologyAnnapolis 3-4
Session chair: Alex Norman, Princeton University, US
The Last Light Source
E.R. Hosler, xLight, Inc., US
Advanced plasma diagnostics for materials synthesis and processing applications
Y. Raitses, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, US
Characterizing Thermal Properties and Temperature-rise of High Frequency RF Transistors In-Operando at sub-50 nm Length Scales
B.M. Foley, T. Bates, P.E. Hopkins, J.T. Gaskins, Laser Thermal Inc., US
Scaling Chiplet Integration Through Advances in Printed Interconnects
N. Frick, Freescale LLC, US
Dendritic Identifiers as Digital Triggers in Microelectronics Manufacturing
M.N. Kozicki, J. Joseph, Arizona State University and Densec ID, LLC, US
12:00CHIPS Workforce Development Program Career Awareness Fair (12:00 - 6:00)Expo Hall BC
4:00CHIPS R&D - PostersExpo Hall BC
Realizing Gate-All-Around Vertical Nanowire Field-Effect Transistors Based on Van Der Waals Epitaxial InAs-on-2D Heterostructures
A. Abrand, N.H. Manimaran, P.K. Mohseni, K. Xu, Rochester Institute of Technology, US
Advances in Thermal Metrology of Thin Films via Steady-State Thermoreflectance
J.T. Gaskins, B.F. Foley, D.H. Olson, J.L. Braun, P.E. Hopkins, Laser Thermal, US
High-performance, power efficient storage device, on a base of NVDIMM for embedded systems
I. Sharovar, Truememorytechnology LLC, US
Fabrication of Epsilon-near-zero Metamaterial with Anomalous Refraction
A. Enriquez, M. Meretska, F. Capasso, Harvard University, US
4:00Student Leaders Poster SessionExpo Hall BC
Polymeric layer-by-layer microcapsules containing iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles exposed to breast cancer cells: A viability study using tetrazolium-based (MTT) and calcein-AM assays
M. Ashcroft, R. Swift, N. Habibi, Micro Nano Technology Education Center, US
Understanding Electronic Properties of Gold and Streptavidin-Conjugated Gold Nanoparticles for Use in Photothermal Cancer Medicine
T. Nguyen, T.L. Sung, W.L. Yu, A. Ashcroft, M. Ashcroft, J. Ashcroft, Pasadena City College, US
Exploring the Performance of Convolutional Neural Networks for mRNA cancer vaccine 5’ UTR Design
A. Yan, Mercer County Community College, US
Student Created AI-powered Digital Twin for Semiconductor Workforce Training
I. Jha, A. Ashcroft, D. Kelley, J. Zhu, A. Rodriguez, A. Dong, F. Chen, K. Hong, G. Codina, Micro Nano Technology Education Center, US
Enhancing Microfabrication Education and Industry Readiness Leveraging the University of New Mexico’s Manufacturing Training and Technology Center Cleanroom Infrastructure
M.W. Pleil, N. Jackson, University of New Mexico, US
Photonics Programs at Stonehill College: Bridging Education and Industry
G. Gu, C. Schnitzer, R. Adams, J. Evora, V. Taylor, N. Vu, J. Wong, Stonehill College, US
Recyclable Nanocomposite Conductive Wire
C. Fitton-Gillen, A. Rivera, C. Pazmino-Izquierdo, C. Li, Hudson County Community College, US
Generative AI-based Personalized Semiconductor Education using Extended Reality
S. Salehi, P. Satam, E. Azimi, R. Straight, A. Salado, The University of Arizona, US
SemImmerse: Smart Immersive Training Ecosystem for Semiconductor Manufacturing
E. Azimi, C. Wang, K. A. Knudson, T. Peterson, Z. Mutlu, University of Arizona, US
Surface Smoothing of Diamond by Atomic Layer Etching
L. Stockl, R. Divan, N. Moldovan, S. Miller, L. Stan, A. Sumant, Rowan University, US

Wednesday June 19

9:00XR for Semiconductor Workforce Development and TrainingTBA
Session chair: Jared Ashcroft, Pasadena Community College, US
9:00Co-designing Generative AI-powered Immersive Learning Experiences for Workforce Training
R. Jha, C. Johnson, SimInsights Inc, US
9:20Student Centered Undergraduate Research Experiences in Creating Virtual Digital Twin Cleanroom
J. Ashcroft, I. Jha, A. Ashcroft, D. Kelley, J. Zhu, A. Rodriguez, A. Dong, F. Chen, K. Hong, G. Codina, Pasadena City College, US
9:40How to overcome Reality's semiconductor self-identification, training and up-skilling challenges
J. Spyres, Training All People, Inc (Tap3d), US
10:00AR/VR Experiences - Demonstration of Providers
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