TechConnect World 2019

2019 Index of Affiliations

Arizona State UniversityW3.421Wearable IoT Devices for Health Monitoring
Arizona State UniversityW4.163Alignment of Bulk Graphene Layers in Polymer Fibers
Arizona state universityW6.128Nanoparticle Alignment on 3D Printed Pattern Surfaces
Arkema, Inc.T4.461Electroactive Fluoropolymers for Printed Electronics
Armstrong World IndustriesT2.265AWI High Performance Powder Coating TrioGuard
Armstrong World IndustriesT4.565A Novel, Clear Fire Retardant Waterborne Coating System for Wood Substrates
Astrea MaterialsT4.502Gold catalysts for high performance air purification applications
Asylum ResearchM4.523"The Last Axis" : Quantifying Electromechanical Sensitivity and Hysteresis with a Metrological Atomic Force Microscope
Auburn UniversityM4.421Simulated Experiment: MEMS Self-Calibration
Auburn UniversityM4.424Low-Latency Analog Processors for Performance Control of MEMS
Auburn UniversityM4.527An Accurate and Precise Method to Calibrate Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) Cantilevers
Auburn UniversityT6.343S-Drive: A Microactuator Building Block that can be Connected to Others to Form a Larger Actuator
Auburn UniversityT6.344Wideband high-Q nonlinear resonance for MEMS
Auburn UniversityT6.345Towards Zero Apparent Damping of MEMS Resonators by Force Feedback
Auburn UniversityT6.346Artificial Damping of MEM
Auburn UniversityT6.348Lumped Modeling of Contact Resistance upon Pull-In or Lift-Off of MEMS Beam Elements
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