TechConnect World 2019

2019 Index of Affiliations

The Ohio State UniversityW4.243Optimization of continuous-flow magnetic bioseparators through CFD numerical models
The Ohio State UniversityW4.247Human monocytes from fresh blood present strong magnetic characteristics; CTV analysis and magnetic susceptibility quant…
The Pennsylvania State UniversityT4.343Tunable as-grown graphene contacts to semiconducting transition metal dichalcogenides
The University of AlabamaT6.466HomogeneoUltra-Stretchable Electronic Polymer Strain Sensor with Excellent Linearity and Unique Repeatable, Autonomous S…
The University of AlabamaW3.442Homogeneous Ultra-Stretchable Electronic Polymer Strain Sensor with Excellent Linearity and Unique Repeatable, Autonomou…
The University of North Carolina at CharlotteW6.188Functional Dynamics Recognition by Machine Learning with Applications to Drug Discovery
The University of QueenslandT2.481Electrode materials for sodium ion storage
TOPnC Co., LtdW6.121Development of polyjet and binderjet 3d printer
TOPnC Co.,LTD.T6.129Development of R2R Gravure coater for Printed Pouch of Electric vehicle Battery
Trinity CollegeW3.261Self Assembly of Graphene Ribbons on a Substrate at the Micrometer Scale
Tsinghua UniversityW3.244Cost-effective production of cellulosic ethanol from sweet sorghum stalks via the integration of advanced solid-state fe…
Tufts UniversityM4.521Novel Multidimensional Imaging of Surfaces with Atomic Force Microscopy
Tufts UniversityT2.281"Living" Electronics for Bio-interfacing
Tufts UniversityT4.381Polymer self-assembly for novel membranes: Water treatment and chemical separations
Tufts UniversityW3.463Polymer self-assembly for novel membranes with improved selectivity and fouling resistance
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