TechConnect World 2019

2019 Index of Affiliations

University of Rhode IslandT4.483Trace Detection of Explosives Using Metal Oxide Nanostructured Catalysts
University of Rhode IslandW6.184Fabrication of novel porous polymeric microspheres as substrates for cancer spheroid culture
University of Rhode IslandW6.282Novel biomimetic inhalable nanoparticles for sustained lung cancer drug delivery
University of Sao PauloW4.282Controlling light diffraction with nanostructures
University of SheffieldT4.545Rotating Spiral Channel Membrane-Free Flow Batteries
University Of South CarolinaT2.522Sustainable Concrete: Enhancements and Challenges
University of South DakotaT4.543Conductive fluoropolymer for cathode
University of SzegedW4.284Spectral engineering via complex patterns of rounded concave and convex nanoresonators achievable via integrated lithogr…
University of Texas - AustinW2.221Unconventional applications of 2D materials
University of Texas at AustinM2.364A Piezoresistive MEMS Memory Device Using a Buckled Beam
University of ToulouseT4.341Probing heat flow in large graphene bubbles with a single laser beam
University of TrentoT6.246A mechanical system for tensile testing of supported films at the nanoscale
University of Tuzla, Faculty of Natural Sciences and MathematicsW6.422Biosensor-based detection of fungal enzyme activity for quantitative evaluation of invasive fungal diseases in immunocom…
University of UtahW6.341A Biomedical Sensor Based on Resonant Absorption of Ultrasound Waves in Hydrogel-based Resonators
University of VirginiaW3.461Structure/property relationships in polymers for membrane applications
University of WaterlooM2.361CMOS-MEMS Devices for Communication Systems and Nano Instrumentations
University of WaterlooW3.406Development of a Chemically Resistant Coating for a novel Fiber Optic Temperature Sensor embedded in Lithium-ion Batteri…
University of ZurichM2.285Silicone Nanofilaments and the DAGS Chemistry: Tailormade Nanostructures, Surfaces, and Nanomaterials
Urban Electric PowerM2.385The role of storage in replenishing energy supply on a human time scale: potential and challenges
US Army Corps of EngineersM2.303Lingering Governance Challenges for Engineered Nanomaterials
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