JUNE 13-15, 2022

2022 Index of Affiliations

NanoMedTrix, LLCM2.221Nanomaterial-mediated drug delivery and monitoring of transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder
National Energy Technology LaboratoryT4.427Computational Modeling of Functional Materials for Energy Applications
National Energy Technology LaboratoryT8.463Computational Screening and Designing of Solid Materials for CO2 Capture Technology
National Energy Technology Laboratory, US Department of EnergyT8.564Quantum Information Science for Energy Sector Applications
National Energy USAW2.285Building Community Resiliency Through the Circular Economy
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyM4.241Nanoparticle characterization by DLS—a word of caution
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyM4.365Chemically specific coarse-grain force-field with a dissipative potential: Preserving the structure, dynamics, and mater…
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyM4.382Nanoplastic arrays – a new order of microspectroscopy standards
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyM4.384Rheo-Raman microscopy for crystallization and crosslinking
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyT1.145Reprogrammable Nucleic Acid-Based Biomarker Measurements
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyT1.241Quantitative Piezoresponse Force Microscopy for Every User
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyT4.242Impact of Surfactant Chemistry on Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube Extraction Conditions in Aqueous Two-Polymer Phase Extract…
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyT4.323Voxel Scale Characterization of Photopolymer Additive Manufacturing
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyW2.263New NIST Reference Material Helps Biomanufacturers Assess mAb Glycosylation
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyW2.321Measurements in flow: improving cytometry and flow metrology in optofluidic devices
National Nanotechnology Coordinated InfrastructureT4.466Resource Sharing and Collaboration in the National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure (NNCI)
National Renewable Energy LaboratoryM4.341An Overview of H2NEW (Hydrogen (H2) from Next-generation Electrolyzers of Water (H2NEW)
National Research Council CanadaT4.245Scalable Manufacturing of High-Nanotube-Content Nanocomposite Fabrics
National Taiwan UniversityT8.381Nuclei Segmentation of In Vivo Optical Coherence Tomography by Deep Learning
National University of SingaporeT4.287A Novel Smart Walker For Gait Rehabilitation
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