JUNE 17-19, 2024

New! Industrial water sustainability

industrial water sustainability

Symposium Chair

YuanQiao RaoYuanQiao Rao
Dow Chemical Company

Lin ZhaoLin Zhao
Research Scientist
Dow Chemical Company

Qilin LiQilin Li
Rice University

Key Speakers

Maher DamakMaher Damak
Infinite Cooling

Ken WinstonKen Winston
Senior Applications Engineer
Calgon Carbon Corporation

Avital Dror EhrePowering circular water economy with technology
Avital Dror Ehre
R&D Manager, IDE Technologies, Israel

Tim FinleyTim Finley
Global Technology Principal
Dow Chemical Company

Water is our most precious and valuable natural resource. It is not only essential for daily life, but also a key resource to the industry. While the water supply is limited, increasing water sustainability (or circularity) is the key solution to support the population and industrial growth. This symposium will focus on the innovative materials, technologies, and processes that help drive the industrial water sustainability.

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2024 Symposium Sessions

Monday June 17

10:30Industrial Water Supply
1:30Technologies to Address Emerging Challenges in Water Circularity
4:00Industrial Water - Posters

2024 Symposium Program

Monday June 17

10:30Industrial Water SupplyChesapeake 11
Session chair: Lin Zhao, Dow Chemical Company, US
Preparing for a more volatile water supply, and management, future that has already arrived!!
T.D. Finley, Dow, Inc, US
Opportunities and Challenges for Iron and Steel Industry Water Use, Treatment, and Reuse in the United States: An overview of Current Industry Practices via Case Studies
N. Sharma, P. Lemar, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (UT-Batelle, LLC), US
Membranes For Sustainable Environment and Clean Energy
A. Roy, NREL, US
1:30Technologies to Address Emerging Challenges in Water CircularityChesapeake 11
Session chair: Lin Zhao, Dow Chemical Company, US
Closing the loop on PFAS Treatment with Sustainable, Green options and reducing long-term Risk
R. Distefano, K. Winston, Calgon Carbon Corporation, US
PFAS detection with advanced solid-state nanopore chips
Z. Xia, Goeppert LLC, US
Enhancing the efficiency of cooling towers
M. Damak, Infinite Cooling, US
Powering circular water economy with technology
A. Ehre, IDE Technologies, IL
IMET Wastewater Treatment and Reuse Technology
M. Gencer, K. Gencer, IMET Corporation, US
Green Oxidation Processes for Industrial Wastewater Treatments
Y. Kun-Lin, National University of Singapore, SG
4:00Industrial Water - PostersExpo Hall BC
Strategies for Effective Contaminant Removal in Industrial Wastewater: A Comparative Study of Steam Stripping and Solvent Extraction Methods
W. Gallei, K. Parkinson, Koch Modular Process Systems, US
Dew Point Distillation
J. Premer, D. Pandelidis, Baryon inc, US
Topics & Application Areas
  • Advanced technologies for water/wastewater treatment
  • Advanced materials for water/wastewater treatment
  • Advanced technologies for water/wastewater quality monitoring
  • Minimum/Zero liquid discharge
  • Cooling water recovery
  • PFAS contamination and management
  • Other

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