OCTOBER 18-20, 2021

Advanced Materials for Engineering Applications

Advanced Materials for Engineering Applications

Symposium Co-Chairs

Jim JohnstonJim Johnston
Professor, School of Chemical and Physical Sciences, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand


The TechConnect World Advanced Engineering Materials symposium will feature materials that are ready for commercial application. We will also spotlight new research and development: Innovative technologies, materials, and approaches that could provide game-changing increases in performance in engineering applications. Please submit an abstract and plan to join innovators from industry, academic and government laboratories around the world at this important event. 

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2021 Symposium Sessions

Tuesday October 19

1:303D Printing

Wednesday October 20

8:30Advanced Manufacturing Track Keynote
1:30Advanced Materials for Engineering Applications
4:00Advanced Materials for Engineering Applications - Posters

2021 Symposium Program

Tuesday October 19

1:303D PrintingCamellia 1
Session chair: Nanci Hardwick, MELD. Manufacturing
1:30Ask the Editor – a Q&A Session on Additive Manufacturing
P. Zelinski, Additive Manufacturing, US
1:55Multi- Material / Modality / Scale / Axis: Realizing Multi-Functional Products with Next-Generation Additive Manufacturing Processes
C. Williams, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, US
2:20Hierarchical Deep Learning Neural Network (HiDeNN)-AI for process design and performance prediction of additive manufacturing systems
W.K. Liu, Y. Lu, S. Saha, Z. Gan, X. Xie, H. Lin, J. Cao, Northwestern University, US
2:45The Strength of 3D Printed Electronics
K. Church, nScrypt Inc., US
3:10Multi-Axis Additive Manufacturing for Topology and Toolpath Optimization of Composite Structures
J.R. Kubalak, C.B. Williams, Virginia Tech DREAMS Lab, US
3:30Bayesian Networks Connecting Processing and Product Features in Additive Manufacturing
A. Malmberg, K. Chandra, A. Peterson, J. Mead, University of Massachusetts Lowell, US
3:50AM-CFD: a well-validated thermal-fluid simulator for additive manufacturing part qualification
Z. Gan, K.K. Jones, Y. Lu, X. Xie, S. Saha, S. Mojumder, W.K. Liu, Northwestern University, US
4:10Considerations for making the world's largest metal printer
N. Hardwick, MELD Manufacturing, US

Wednesday October 20

8:30Advanced Manufacturing Track KeynoteBaltimore 1
Session chair: Joey Mead, University of Massachusetts
8:30Reshaping Manufacturing in the Post-Pandemic Era: Where Additive Manufacturing Is Now
P. Zelinski, Additive Manufacturing, US
9:00NSF Advanced Manufacturing Program and Research Opportunities
K. Cooper, National Science Foundation, US
9:30Sustainable and Scalable Manufacturing of Microelectronics Using Directed Assembly of Nanomaterials
A. Busnaina, Northeastern University, US
1:30Advanced Materials for Engineering ApplicationsAzalea 3
Session chair: Chris Menzel, Fujifilm Dimatix
1:30Rapid setting, long pot life epoxy concrete for early high strength applications
T. Farnsworth, Luna Innovations, Inc., US
1:50A breakthrough in High Temperature Superconductors, pp. 75-77
W. Lau, LAU Superconductors Inc., US
2:10Electrospun Nanofiber Scaffolds for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: Effect of Draw Ratio on Enzymatic Degradation Rate
D. Brennan, J. Posselt, C. Wagner, V. Beachley, Rowan University, US
2:30Spectral Characterization of Tin Dioxide for Gas-Sensing Applications, pp. 69-70
H. Alghamdi, B. Concepcion, S. Baliga, P. Misra, Howard University, US
2:50Precipitation-Strengthened and Microlayered Bulk Copper- and Molybdenum-Based Nanocrystalline Materials Produced by High-Speed Electron-Beam Evaporation–Condensation in Vacuum: Structure and Phase Composition, pp. 71-74
N.I. Grechanyuk, V.G. Grechanyuk, A. Manulyk, Synergy ANTECH Services Corp., CA
3:10Novel Titania based composites for Solar Disinfection
A. Safri, A. Fletcher, University of Strathclyde, UK
4:00Advanced Materials for Engineering Applications - PostersExpo Hall AB
Conductive coatings eliminate static discharge risk on aircraft, pp. 81-84
G. Christensen, H. Hong, C. Bailey, Novum Nano, US
Hydrogen bonding enhanced thermally conductive carbon nano grease for enhanced CPU performance, pp. 78-80
C. Bailey, G. Christensen, H. Hong, Novum Nano, US
Sub-10 nm Anisotropic Copper Oxide Nanowires for Electrochemical Sensing
G. Pathiraja, D. Herr, H. Rathnayake, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, US
Modification of Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) Ballistic Fibers for Enhanced Performance
H. Mahfuz, V. Prado Correia, T. Irons, L. Carlsson, O. Masory, and T. Langston, Florida Atlantic University, US

Topics & Application Areas

  • Advanced Engineering and Aerospace Materials
  • Nanomaterials
  • Composite Materials
  • Energy Storage & Light Harvesting Materials
  • Ceramics & Silicate Materials
  • Magnetic Materials
  • Recovery and Recycling of Metals & Materials
  • Materials in Environmental Protection & Remediation
  • Other

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