TechConnect World 2019

2019 Index of Affiliations

Karolinska InstitutetT2.302Toxicity screening of a panel of silica nanoparticles reveals a role for lipid peroxidation in silica-induced cell death
Katz Water TechnologiesW4.343Novel Thermal Distillation System for Purifying Produced Water Onsite Using Available Wellsite Gas
Kaunas University of TechnologyM4.546‘From waste to taste’: Biorefining of berry pomace into valuable food ingredients
Kaunas University of TechnologyT6.202Fractionation of industrial hemp leaves into functional ingredients by using conventional and supercritical carbon dioxi…
Kenrich Petrochemicals, Inc.T2.524A New 1.5-Nanometer Titanium Treated Portland Cement
King Fahd University of Petroleum and MineralsT6.024Synthesis and Optical Characterization of Organic/inorganic Hybrid Thin-Films
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and TechnologyM4.463Polymer-Triggered Synthesis Process is Remedying Nanocrystalline Metal Anode for All Li-Ion Types Energy Storages in Exp…
Korea Institute of Energy ResearchW6.243Performance characteristics of flat-tubular solid oxide co-electrolysis cells for syngas production by electrochemical c…
Korea Institute of Energy Research(KIER)M4.484Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Technology of Iron-Ore-Based Catalysts for Production of Liquid Fuels and Chemicals from Syng…
Korea Institute of Energy Research(KIER)T4.562Photochromic Film a.k.a. Chameleon film(tentative name), auto-tinting films
Korea Institute of Materials ScienceT6.411Scaled-up and Reproducible Plasmonic Chip Production with High-density Hotspots for Biosensing Applications
Korea Institute of Materials ScienceT6.412Simple Fabrication of Highly Dense 3D Au Nanostructures for Sensitive Detection of Biomarkers
Korea Research Institute of Standards and ScienceT6.185Stability of TiO2 Colloid Dispersed by Ultrasonic dispersion method
Korea Research Institute of Standards and ScienceT6.186Detection of photoinduced formation of reactive oxygen species by aqueous TiO2 nanoparticles suspension in 3T3 cells
Korea UniversityT6.123One-step solution-based preparation for superhydrophobic surface
KRISO(Korea Research Institute of Ships and Ocean Engineering)W6.461A concept study of MIBS hull form basis gas hydrates fuel supply system
KRISO(Korea Research Institute of Ships and Ocean Engineering)W6.504A concept study of MIBS hull form basis gas hydrates fuel supply system
Kuwait College of Science and TechnologyT6.305Enhancement of optical properties of Perovskite solar cells through added plasmonic nanostructures
Kuwait College of Science and Technology (KCST),W6.226Nonlinear optical nanocomposite : Electrospun PVA nanofibers embedded with PCBS.
Kuwait Institute for Scientific ResearchM2.222Synthesizing a nanocomposite tungsten carbide-cobalt metal oxide
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