JUNE 13-15, 2022

2022 Index of Affiliations

University of Central FloridaT9.904Electrospun functionalized Rare Earth Cerium Oxide nano fibers for catalytic and biomedical applications
University of ColoradoT1.121Exploiting the Refractory Response to Limit Off-Target Accumulation
University of Connecticut, CTT8.425Study of expression of EGFP mRNA using Cationic BSA-polyamine nanocomplex
University Of DelawareT1.184Additive manufacturing of carbon scaffold for thermoset composites
University of MarylandM4.301Scattering Methods for Characterizing Cellulosic Materials
University of MarylandT1.161Emerging Applications of Quantum Defects in Sensing and Imaging
University of MarylandT1.226Engineered Woods for Energy-efficient Buildings
University of Maryland, College ParkM4.243Thermal Shock Nonequilibrium Synthesis of High Entropy Nanostructures
University of Massachusetts AmherstM4.264Rapid Fabrication of Structured Graphene Derived Micro-Supercapacitors using Photothermal Flash Lamp Processing
University of Massachusetts LowellT8.637Rubber coated fabrics used for textile-based soft robot
University of Massachusetts, LowellT1.223Effects of preparation method, nucleation, and stabilizing additives on calcium chloride hexahydrate (CaCl2.6H2O) phase …
University of Nebraska-LincolnT8.204UFAST: A novel Spectral Graph method for thermal simulation in Additive Manufacturing.
University of Nebraska–LincolnM2.325Applications of Laser Shock Peening in Ceramic Materials
University of North Carolina at GreensboroT4.267Isoreticular MOFs for Molecular-Based Magnetic Conductors
University of North Carolina GreensboroM4.444Bio-Based Lithium Nano-Frameworks for Solid-State Battery Technology
University of North DakotaW2.342Sampling and Characterization of Coal Basins as an Alternative Rare-Earth Element Resource
University of North DakotaW2.346Economic Extraction and Recovery of REEs and Production of Clean Value-added Products from Low-rank Coal Fly Ash
University of North Dakota Energy & Environmental Research CenterM4.266Tuning the Optical Properties of Coal-Derived Graphene Quantum Dots by Coal Precursor Pretreatment
University of NottinghamW2.241Fluidic circuits as a kinetic system for modulation of multiple hot spots as a thermally functional reactor
University of PennsylvaniaM2.341(Keynote) Understanding Creep Properties in Polymer Nanocomposites
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